Key Facts:

  • ButcherBox offers access to high quality, humanely raised meats and wild caught seafood
  • The current summer grilling ButcherBox promotion includes 7lbs of free meat
  • Customize or choose from curated monthly subscription boxes of farm to freezer meats

One thing about going gluten free is refocusing on the quality of food we’re eating. We first started getting ButcherBox way back in 2015, long before having to go gluten free. At the time, we were both doing CrossFit and doing nutrition challenges that focused on eating Paleo.

ButcherBox Meat Delivery Service

Monthly meat shipped straight from farms to our door via ButcherBox was a dream come true when it came to eating Paleo. Back in its early days, you couldn’t pick what specific meats you wanted, so there was always the fun element of surprise when trying a new cut of meat.

Now with various styles of eating such as Keto, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Butcher Box has exploded in popularity.

ButcherBox Promotion in 2022

Are you using ButcherBox yet? If not, there’s a fantastic ButcherBox Promotion going on right now!

Get ready for summer grilling with this ButcherBox promotion package!

As of press time, the current ButcherBox promo is offering 7 lbs of free meat in your first box when you subscribe:

  1. Get 2 ribeyes FREE
  2. Get 5 lbs of chicken drumsticks FREE
  3. Get 2 lbs of burgers FREE
ButcherBox Promotion - 7 Lbs of Free Meat
ButcherBox Promotion – 7 Lbs of Free Meat

ButcherBox Promo: Humane, High Quality Meat, Delivered Monthly

ButcherBox Promo - Meat Delivered To Your Door
ButcherBox Promo – Meat Delivered To Your Door

How ButcherBox Works:

  1. Pick your box. There are 4 curated options to choose from, or customize your own. Choose between a custom box, an All Beef Box, a Mixed Box, a Beef & Pork Box, or a Beef & Chicken Box.
  2. Choose the size of box you’d like. The classic box contains 8-11lbs of meat, while the large box contains 16-22lbs. The classic box is good for small families or individuals, while the large box is ideal for midsize or large families.
  3. Select how often you’d like your box. The default schedule is every 4 weeks, though you have the option to choose every 6 weeks or every 8 weeks.
  4. Decide on any add-ons. Here you can add extra meat! Ground beef, bacon, chicken breasts, and smoked salmon bites can be added to any box.
  5. Checkout and get ready for all your goodies to arrive!

What Do You Get When You Order ButcherBox?

You get more than just meat. You get a reflection of ButcherBox’s ethics and values.

High Quality Meat

ButcherBox sources their meat with their ethics in mind. Sourcing from only high quality, high standard partners, ButcherBox delivers you only premium meat such as:

  • 100% grass-fed beef
  • Free-range organic chicken
  • Humanely raised pork (crate free!)
  • Wild-caught seafood.

Unbeatable Value

High quality meat made accessible at affordable prices per meal. ButcherBox offers great prices of premium meats, and with free shipping too!


Did we say “delivered to your door” enough? With flexible delivery schedules and high quality suppliers, you’ll never have to leave home for your meats again.

Sign Up for ButcherBox Today!

ButcherBox FAQ

We’ve heard a number of questions regarding ButcherBox. Here are some of the most frequent ones.

Is ButcherBox Actually Grass Finished?

No. ButcherBox guarantees their beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished. Rest assured the cattle are free range for their entire life.

Where Does the Meat From ButcherBox Come From?

All of the meat in Butcher Box comes from sustainable farmers in the United States, Australia, and Canada.

Is ButcherBox Antibiotic Free?

All of the meat that comes from ButcherBox is free of both antibiotics and hormones.

What is the Quality of the Meat in ButcherBox?

The quality of the meat in ButcherBox is super premium.

Animals are humanely raised and grass-fed, ensuring that they live stress-free lives.

This results in better tasting, healthier meat for you to enjoy.

How Long Does ButcherBox Meat Last in the Freezer?

When stored properly, ButcherBox meat can last for up to 12 months in the freezer.

However, for ground beef we recommend consuming it within 3-4 months for the best taste and quality.

How Does ButcherBox Deliver Meat?

All of the meat from ButcherBox is delivered frozen in an insulated box.

This ensures that your meat stays fresh and delicious, even if you’re not home when the delivery arrives.

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