Hello and welcome to my site!

My name is Beth and I love to eat.

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after giving birth to my twins and have been navigating the waters of gluten free living ever since.

I had already had a lot of exposure to being gluten free from my past experiences with eating Paleo for nutrition challenges (pre-pregnancy) at my CrossFit box. I loved how eating Paleo felt but also loved that it was short term.

Now that gluten free has become my everyday life, I’ve found it quite challenging. For me, the worst part is work travel. Often I find myself in catered lunches and living off of Larabars.

I wanted to dedicate time to bringing you my best tips for being gluten free, and bring you on my journey as I continue to navigate this new life. Here I will bring you the very best Gluten Free recipes, either my own or ones I’ve found, my take on gluten free foods and gluten free substitutes, and all my experiences – good and bad – dining out.

Thanks for checking my site out and I hope you stick around!