I love TikTok, and I love gluten free TikTok content creators!

I look to TikTok for meal inspirations, new gluten free products, and different ways to modify recipes to make them gluten free.

I decided to pull together a quick list of my favorite gluten free TikTok accounts. Perhaps I’ll make this a series to continue to spread the word about my favorite accounts, or just to keep a log of some recipes I want to try.

My Top Gluten Free TIkTok Content Creators

My Favorite Gluten Free TikTokers

I find there’s a cross section of keto content creators on TikTok and gluten free content creators, so you may see a few keto TikTokers on my list. Always do you due diligence on recipes to make sure you’re not accidentally using ingredients that may contain gluten.

1. Jackie Hartlaub – lowcarbstateofmind

My #1 favorite TikToker for recipes is @lowcarbstateofmind. Jackie Hartlaub runs this channel and makes some outstanding recipes. I’m always so impressed by what she cooks, and it gives me new ideas. She recently made these sushi bowls that I am dying to try! Obviously her focus is on low carb, so be sure to watch for things like soy sauce which may include gluten – be sure to sub in gluten free soy sauce, tamari, or coconut aminos in place of soy sauce!

@lowcarbstateofmind #ad everything bagel seasoning crusted salmon using @danosseasoning new everything bagel seasoning #danospartner #airfryer #airfryerrecipes #danoseverything ♬ Oblivion – Grimes

2. PhilHatesGluten

He doesn’t cook. And sometimes he’s annoying (sorry Phil), but I do enjoy his content, so I had to include @philhatesgluten. Sometimes he’ll highlight some products I haven’t seen before. He has Eosinophilic Esophagitis so he’s also dairy free. Check him out. Do it.

@philhatesgluten nothing like reconnecting with something you havent had in yeaaaarrrsss. i gotta say, these gluten free soft pretzel bites are so friggin good and they even have cinnamon ones that tickle that sweet tooth fancy. highly recommend these so use “NEWBITES” for fifteen percent off on their w3b s1t3! #mybreadbakerypartner #glutenfreepretzels #glutenfree #glutenfreetok #glutenfreebread ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

3. SarahinNJ

@sarahinnj posts a ton of different things, from seemingly totally random videos, vacations with her family, lots of Halloween content, but also lots of gluten free cooking videos or gluten free restaurants in NJ. Her wife is celiac, so she cooks gluten free for her. So you may see some non-gluten free content as well, but the gluten free content is great! I’ve personally made this salad countless times, and it’s a great accompaniment to most meals!

@sarahinnj summer salad! #summersalad #sidedish #romainesalad #Romaine #parmcheese ♬ Footloose – Kenny Loggins

Another bonus – she makes a lot of “spooky foods” for Halloween, and last year had a whole gluten free version!

4. Lucia Cordaro

@Lucia.Cordaro is another gluten free TikTok content creator that we just had to mention. She regularly posts TikToks highlighting her gluten free hauls from stores like Target, Aldi, Trader Joe’s, and more. We love these gluten free grocery haul TikToks. Keep ’em coming, Lucia!

@lucia.cordaro i get too excited by new fun items 🥹 #traderjoes #traderjoeshaul #traderjoesfoodreviews #groceryshopping #groceries #glutenfree ♬ Apple bitten jeans beach boys 1964 – done4dayz

In this video she highlights the eggwich. This is the first I’ve heard of a Trader Joe’s eggwich and now I HAVE to try them! As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m obsessed with Red’s Eggwich Sandwiches, so I must make a trip to Trader Joe’s to compare!

5. No Gluten Gabby (noglutengabby)

Last in today’s gluten free TikTok roundup (but certainly not least) is @noglutengabby. Gabby offers a great mix of  gluten free food shopping, gluten free food reviews, and gluten free recipes. She has tons of videos and over 4.5 million likes (as of press time!), so you know she’s super popular in the gluten free TikTok community.

@noglutengabby I am impressed & will be getting them again 😋 now i gotta re-review all the GF nuggets this world offers!! #celiac #glutenfree ♬ original sound – No Gluten Gabby

Like what you see? Check out our featured gluten free TikTok content creators and give them a follow. The more support we show, the more content they’ll put out! It’s always great to find fellow gluten free eaters, and to learn about new products and get new recipe ideas!

I’m going to make this a regular series, so stay tuned for my next gluten free TikTok content creator list!