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Thursday, January 9, 2014

My 2014 Resolutions

Well friends, we’re 9 days in to 2014, and I have finally settled on my New Year Resolutions.
First I will say, that this year I felt like it was really important to not TAKE AWAY with my resolutions. For me, when I try to restrict something in my life I end up obsessing over it. I’ll think “Oh, I can’t have a Diet Coke….well…now I want a Diet Coke.” Then if I do give in, then I get a heap of guilt. So – no restricting resolutions.
Instead, I have decided on two resolutions that will ADD to my life instead of take away.


Specifically, I am going to aim to drink a gallon of water a day. Sounds like a lot, but I have a water tumbler that I love, and a gallon is only 5 1/2 cups a day. Easy.
If you work in customer service or retail, then you totally know that often times you can literally forget to drink water. Not only do I forget to pick up my cup, but I will even forget that I feel thirsty.
And water is SO IMPORTANT for good health!
But seriously. Water helps from your head to your toes. It keeps your muscles energized, your skin from drying out, and even helps protect against constipation. It’s  good for your liver and can even help reduce joint pain by keeping your cartilage all juicy! If you aren’t convinced, seriously just Google “Why Drink Water” and you will be flooded with articles about why water is so darn good!
Yes you will have to urinate more often. Seriously guys, I go just about every 20 to 30 minutes! TMI?
But a week in to being better hydrated and I am feeling lots better. I have less bloating in the morning and I definitely feel more energized throughout the day.
Why a gallon?
A gallon is what works for me. Because I do about 60 to 90 minutes of strenuous exercise 6 days a week, I sweat a lot! So I need a bit more than the average recommendation.
My second resolution is pretty simple and it incorporates MY WORD for 2014.
The resolution: I will BELIEVE in my goals.

Believing doesn’t always come easy. And I hate to say that for nearly a year, I honestly didn’t believe that I would ever get back to a place where I felt happy in my own body. BUT I finally have! (More on that in another post) And in getting there, I’ve realized how important it is to BELIEVE.
I will believe in myself. I will believe in God and the path set out for me. In the goodness of others. In my own strength and ability. This is my year to BELIEVE.
So there you have it! Two simple (but not easy) resolutions for 2014. Plus you know I’m still carrying on what I discovered in 2013. Oh yes, that will continue! You can’t have an AWESOME year and forget everything that made it so!
What about you?
I want to hear your resolutions too!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New You – Quit Diet Coke

While I’m working on my own list of resolutions, I thought it might be helpful if we all share our own tips and tricks to help others with their own resolutions.

A lovely reader recently contacted me and asked if I could give her some ideas to help her quit Diet Coke. We all know it’s bad for us. I mean…it’s chemicals y’all.


Our bodies were not made to consume caramel coloring and chemicals. Our bodies love REAL FOOD. After giving up gluten…I often feel like I don’t want to deny myself anything else. I don’t want to add to my list of “avoids”.

But our bodies don’t like it. It doesn’t benefit us in anyway. It doesn’t make us healthier. Happier…yeah, I see that. But not healthier.

SO if quitting Diet Coke has made your Resolution List this year, I hope my tricks could help.

AND if you have successfully quit Diet Coke, leave your advice in the comments and I’ll update the post!

So what did it take for me to give up Diet Coke? Three things.

1. Advice from my very smart auntie (she knows brains) who looked me straight in the face and told me I was killing my brain <— When she gives you advice, you listen

2. Keeping fresh lemons and limes in the fridge for flavored water.

3. Fizzy Water

Fizzy water really made the difference. The bubbles mimic what I love most about Diet Coke, and they seem to quench that addictive thirst.

But Fizzy water ain’t cheap y’all! I even joined Costco to get big packs of La Croix (and the toilet paper!) but the costs still add up! And I didn’t feel great about going through all those aluminum cans…and one can just isn’t enough!

Enter MOH and her Soda Stream. Alex bought the Soda Stream just after Christmas and was CONSTANTLY touting how wonderful it was…

and making me jealous!

But I couldn’t get over the price tag. $80 bones at Target! I would go to Target and wheel by it and grumble under my breath. I wanted one but I couldn’t pull the trigger.

And then one day I was at Target and I just did it. I put it in my cart. I tried not to look at the price. I mean how often do I drop $100 at Target on seemingly nothing?!

Oh boy. I am SO glad I did.

brussels hearts

It’s the best! Seriously.

All you have to do is insert the CO2 canister into the back! I was excited that it didn’t require any electricity.

brussels power cord

Once your canister is in, you’re ready to go! Fill the provided bottle with water to the fill line, screw it into the Soda Stream and press the button on top.

brussels 024 brussels 031

Keep pressing the button until you hear a buzz sound. You’ll know it when you hear it. Then wait about 30 seconds and unscrew your bottle. OR if you’re like me, you press the button on top a few more times until you get a second buzz. I like it REALLY fizzy!

brussels 035

Voila! Fizzy water in a BIG ol’ reusable bottle! Definitely wait 30 seconds to a minute before you unscrew though! If you get antsy like me, then the water can leak a little from the air being released too fast.

You can drink it from the bottle or pour it in a glass. I recommend keeping your bottle full of cold water in the fridge until you’re ready to fizz. Ice cold fizzy water is the best!

brussels 039

Dear Soda Stream, I love you. You make my water fizzy in an instant and give me all the bubbles I could ever want. Love- Gluten Hates Me

So that’s how I quit Diet Coke.

The fizziness quenches my desire – love it!

I do occasionally treat myself to a Diet Coke when I go to the movies. I feel like this rare treat is still okay. I no longer crave them on a daily basis, which assures me that my addiction is over.

What about you? Tips and tricks for others who may want to quit?