Who's Who

Parrish aka The Hubby

GHM's biggest fan! 

Since my Celiac diagnosis, Parrish has been the front runner in supporting my GF lifestyle. Married since September 2010, P and I met while working together at a health food store in Wilmington, NC. Fast friends, it actually took a little over a year for us to start dating seriously. Turns out best friends make the best husbands!

 Joan aka My Bestie Sister

GHM's second biggest fan! My bestie sister is always considering my gluten free needs, and often goes out of her way to make sure there will be something that I can eat!

Besides being my best friend, she is also a loving wife, mother, and teacher. While she doesn't have Celiac disease, my bestie does have her own dietary issues. She's allergic to all nuts, seeds, and even some raw fruits and vegetables. Needless to say, we keep it interesting when dining together!

Scott aka BIL

My bestie's husband and my favorite brother-in-law. Scott is always supportive of my gluten free lifestyle, and helps me keep it positive with a big dose of humor.

He's also THE MASTER of the grill! 

Ella aka Lil' Gluten Loves Me

Bestie and BIL's daughter and my niece, Ella is always the life of the party! It's been a long standing joke...pretty much since she started solid food, that Ella LOVES gluten. And over the years, she has continued to earn her nickname! She has yet to meet a biscuit, muffin, bagel, bun, or pretzel that she hasn't loved.

Alex aka MOH

My long lost sister and maid of honor, Alex is the jelly to my peanut butter. She is the salsa to my chip. She is the chicken to my Gluten Free gravy.

No stranger to gluten free, Alex gave up gluten two years ago for Lent! 

Otto aka Twinsies

My twin brother is no dummy when it comes to being GF. Self-diagnosed two years after me, Otto gave up gluten and said good-bye to migraines!

Since his job keeps him in Los Angeles, I don't get to see him as often as I would like. But he does make a few blog cameos!

Coming soon: Max and Hazel, my parents, Mama Emily, and more!