Monday, August 22, 2016

Gluten Free Doughnuts + Weekend Fun

Is it just me or do super fun weekends make Monday just a little bit harder?

I was smart and went to bed really early last night (like 8:15 early) so that I could make it to 5:30 bootcamp this morning. I have found that if I start the week out well rested, then it's easier to maintain my fitness (meaning get up well before the sun and workout) for the rest of the week.

Now, if only I could get back on track with meal prepping on Sunday! But that is a post for another day.

Back to the weekend - we had such a great one!

Saturday started out slowly. Parrish was working out of town, so it was a Mommy + Mason day. I cleaned up around the house while Mason entertained himself....

with popsicles and Mommy's tank top! :) He has been so funny lately grabbing my clothing and wanting to wear it. He wore it as a dress for most of the morning. 

And those popsicles are SO EASY to make! I bought a popsicle mold at a local shop and have been filling it with pureed strawberries and blueberries all summer. That's it! Just pureed fruit - no sugar or added ingredients. He loves them and I love how easy they are to make.

Once the fun of trucks wore off, I decided to head to The Museum of Life & Science in our town, which is basically heaven for Mason.

I find full days of single parenting way easier if we have an activity that takes us out of the house. We explored for a bit, played in the water, and finished the trip riding the train. Then it was back in the car for snacks and the drive home.

I tried a new-to-me snack: Justin's Peanut Butter with Banana Chips. It was super yummy and definitely hit the spot, but at $1.99 price point (at Target), I think they will have to remain a special treat for very busy days.

After naptime, we headed back outside to play with the neighbors and you guessed it....

more trucks! Just in the last two weeks, Mason has really started playing with trucks. He affectionately refers to all vehicles as "go-gos" and can't seem to get enough. Luckily some of his neighborhood friends have quite a collection in their backyard and let him play with them whenever he wants.

Whereas Saturday started slowly, Sunday started with an adventure!

Since Parrish and I were both home, and I found a random $20 bill in a pair of old jeans, I devised a plan that would entail a new play place for Mason AND gluten free doughnuts for me!

First stop - doughnuts of course!

Fresh Levant in Raleigh has the most amazing gluten free doughnuts on Sundays! It's 30 minutes from our house, so we don't go often - they're a real treat!

Soft and doughy - they are worth every. single. calorie!

Fresh Levant is in this cute little area, that actually has something for the entire family. Doughnuts for me, a coffee shop with killer (full of gluten) biscuits for Parrish, and a big grassy area WITH a fountain for Mason!

Since we're keeping Mason gluten free for a while, I was excited to share my doughnut with him. He took one bite and that was it. Not interested! Apparently doughnuts have nothing on dirty fountain water.

After the pit stop for doughnuts, we headed in to downtown Raleigh to visit the Marbles Kids Museum. We had never been and I have to say - if you have kids in the Triangle area, it is a MUST visit! Mason had so much fun and literally wore himself out, which is not an easy thing to do!

Then it was back home for lunch and naps. I tackled our grocery shopping for the week while Mason slept and by the time I was back home, it was time for more fun. We headed to the park for the afternoon, but cut the trip short because it was just too dang hot!

I for one cannot wait until Autumn, playing outside will be so much more enjoyable for everyone.

And that was it! Such a fun weekend with our favorite little guy, which does make Monday morning and childcare drop off tough (just for me, Mason loves playing with his friends) but it's also nice to be back in to the routine.

Now - off to work!