Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mason Modesto Turns One

Happy 1st Birthday Mason Modesto Ravelli!

And in the blink of an eye - a year has passed. 

It always seems so cliche to hear parents talk about how quickly time passes. I've heard "the days are long but the years are short" no less than a dozen times this past week and my mama heart aches with that truth. 

In some ways it feels like just yesterday that I was holding a teeny tiny baby in my arms for 18 hours of the day. Now I have a very busy baby toddler on my hands. And while he still wants me to hold him, 27 squirmy pounds feels a little different than 10 pounds of baby love. 

But what a fun year it has been!

Quite literally the BEST year of my life, filled with so many highs and so many lows (sleep deprivation is real y'all) but most of all - SO MUCH LOVE. 

It takes a village to raise a child and that's because the parents need the support! I am so amazed by how truly incredible our support system is. From hand-me-down clothes and toys to phone calls to discuss how to actually throw a kid's birthday party to sending pictures of diaper rash - Parrish and I are so blessed with good family and friends. 

Which in turn means Mason is blessed, and there is nothing better than LOVE from your friends and family. That's the only gift you need when you're turning ONE. 

Well that....

and a cool car to get around town.

So what does one look like for Mason Modesto? I thought we could look at it in numbers, since this post has been so numeral focused.

12 - the number of books we read in the afternoon. Mason LOVES books. He received a few new books for his birthday, and I'm excited to change it up!

11 - the pounds of strawberries this kid eats in a week! I can't wait until the season starts this spring. Local strawberries are going to blow his mind.

10 - the seconds that pass by until he smiles again. Mason is a smiley, happy, funny baby. His humor is my favorite.

9 - the number of meatballs he eats in a day.

8 - the number of toy balls that he currently plays with. In food and play, balls are the best.

7 - days a week that this kid is walking! Mason took his first steps shortly before Christmas and he hasn't stopped since.

6 - the number of kitchen gadgets he is currently playing with! Salad spinner, sifter, whisk, measuring cup, spatula, and mixing bowl.

5 - the number of days he spends at Semilitas, the in-home childcare place that we just LOVE. Mason gets some FUN baby time and is always happy to be dropped off.

4 - the amount of toys currently being rotated in the bath to play with. Bath time is so much fun - it's everyones favorite part of the bedtime routine.

3 - the number of pacis in his crib. Once Mason started sleeping through the night, we decided to just toss some extra pacis in there for good measure. This has worked SO WELL and now if his paci falls out, he just feels around until he finds another one. #geniusbaby

2 - toys in his hands that he will hit together. This little trick started a few weeks ago and it never gets old. He gets one item in each hand and then enthusiastically beats them together. So proud.

1 - episode of Peppa Pig while he gets his diaper changed. Seriously - God Bless Peppa Pig, that is the only way Mason is laying flat on his back for any amount of time when he would rather be playing!

Happy Birthday Little Buddy! Your first year has been an absolute BLAST - we can't wait to see what year two will bring!

And I'll be back on the blog tomorrow to talk about THIS CAKE that I made. BEST gluten free cake ever and that homemade buttercream frosting!!!!!!!!! So good and SO easy - you'll never buy premade frosting again.