Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I Ate a Bowl of Cheerios Today

So....are we going to talk about the fact that General Mills essentially glutened....everybody?

I'll admit it, after years of eating every single flavor of gluten free Chex, I jumped on to the Cheerios bandwagon without a second thought.

Seriously. I didn't even pause for a second when I saw them on the shelf at my local grocery store. I couldn't wait for that first bowl. My first bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios in like 8 years. It felt felt normal!

Head first y'all. I jumped in to that first box head first and I didn't look back. I can't even tell you how many boxes I bought, how quickly I went through an entire FAMILY SIZE box. It's a tiny bit embarrassing.

Did I eat a box that was contaminated?


At the rate I went through boxes, it's possible that I did. It's also possible that I didn't. I haven't had most of my typical "glutening" side effects. My digestive tract hasn't been tip top since giving birth to Mason, so I can't use diarrhea as an indicator. (Is that TMI? Sorry!) But I haven't been bloated and we all know that gluten gives me bloat like no other.

So I don't know. I'm guessing not but at the same time, does it really matter?

I mean, how long did it take for a mistake to be made? And how long until another is made?

Will I eat them again?


I will. I know I will. I feel like I shouldn't....and then I ate a bowl this morning!!

So what about you? Will you continue to eat Cheerios?


Jennifer said...

Omg. Exact same scenario here. Start to finish.

I get really bad canker sores with small amts of gluten and although my current box was not included in the recall, I have a mouth full of sores with no other explanation. I switched back to Chex today but I stared longingly at the cheerios for a while.

Such a disappointment. Cue paranoia after every subsequent box of cheerios from now on.

Because like you, after my canker sores heal up, I'll probably try them again! Just cause I can't give them up that easily! We will see what happens...

Valerie said...

I did the same thing that you did! I ate so much because I was so excited to be eating them again! I felt so guilty later on, but I'm sure I would do it again! :)

Jennifer said...
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Ellyn said...

I ate one bowl, apple cinnamon ones so not part of the recall, & was sick for a week. I'm done with Cheerios.

Eese said...

Ohmygoodness ME TOO!!!!!! That was my all-time FAVORITE cereal all of my growing up, and I used to eat them every single day. So I've MISSED them SOOO MUCH for the last 10 years or so that I've known I can't have gluten anymore. I thought I heard angels singing when I saw these on the shelf!!! Haha.
I'm not aware of them making me sick... but I'm concerned about eating more.
But I probably will...

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, I was not so lucky and found out a little too late about General Mills "simply gluten free" Cheerios being contaminated with gluten. It is very sad that we cannot put our trust in labels stating "gluten-free." I hope General Mills has learned a lesson that they're putting peoples lives at risk by not taking better care of their products. This includes the risk of cross-contamination. If cross-contamination is something they cannot control and they cannot label their foods "simply gluten free." It's going to take a very long time for them to get my trust back if they get it back at all.

Tiffany said...

I wrote to you earlier about them making me sick. I don't trust them at ALL. While the one bowl I had was tasty, General Mills was not careful enough and I'm not supporting them with my money. When we buy their Cheerios, it says to them that we support their effort as "good enough" and frankly it isn't. I'm going to continue to support companies who do make an effort for the truly gluten free community.

An At Home Daughter said...

I eat a gluten free diet, but am not celiac. I think I am gluten intolerant. I have a hard time with a lot of grains and sugar.
Anyways have all of you thought that maybe you didn't get one of the glutened boxes of cereal, but that maybe you are allergic to oats in general?

Anonymous said...

I am eating my morning Honey Nut Cheerios as I read your blog. I jumped on the opportunity as I ,too, missed having normal choices again. I am celiac. I am very sensitive. None of the boxes I have (yes, multiple flavored) had the code. Will I buy again. Absolutely. Over the past 8 years of dealing with Celiac , I have learned that outside of making everything from scratch myself there is always a small risk. I don't believe Cheerios made the mistake with malice and I think they will correct practices to prevent another occurrence. I am careful, but even being careful things can go wrong. Just look at other major food recalls for things like glass or metal or salmonella. So, I will go finish my bowl of Cheerios now. Stay well. :)

Unknown said...

I was like all who were so happy to get 'our' cheerios back. Living in the west Yes I got all bad boxes. To make matters worse Mum got sick and we raced to her side. I grabbed the boxes of cherrios as we headed from MT to the west coast. Fortunately it did not get my system rebelling until she had passed but I got to grieve from the bathroom and all the rest stations on the way home.
So no I probably will not go back to trusting these corporations. it has now erased all the good cherrios feeling with bad ones.

michele v. said...

After being gluttened by a contaminated box of Honey Nut, I'll surely be saying...

Bye, Cheerios!