Monday, October 19, 2015

Dear Mason, A Reflection on 8 Months

Dear Baby Mason,

On September 31st, you turned 8 months old - I can hardly believe it! It's been half a month since that milestone, and I'm just now sitting down to reflect and record. I say it every time but buddy, life with you is busy!

We last left off with you getting a virus two days after your 7 month birthday. It was so hard to see you not feeling well and unfortunately your virus lasted for a whole week....and you shared that virus with me! We both ended up feeling crummy and sporting a rash - luckily Daddy took good care of us.

This past month was definitely your MOBILITY month. You went from sitting to sliding to scooting to sort of crawling. I say sort of because you aren't up on your knees yet. Your style of crawling is more like dragging your legs behind you and pushing off with your feet occasionally.

It's adorable to watch and most folks are pretty surprised by how speedy you are with your method.

When you're not crawling, you want to be standing.

You love to get help standing and most afternoons play sessions revolve around you chatting about your day and asking for help to stand. (and then you sit down, and then you want to stand again, and then sit down, now stand again, over and over and over) I'm not in a rush for you to start walking, but I know it will make you happy to be able to move your body the way you want to.

Eating is still pretty much your most favorite thing to do. Whether it's nursing or solid food, you love to eat!

This past month, you really started experimenting with finger foods. You still love pears and mangos, but you really love meat, particularly ham!

Since you're such a good eater, you continue to be a good night-time sleeper for the most part. You still wake up around 4am for milk and some nights you wake up a few extra times for snuggles, but for the most part you do well. You're sleeping in your crib, in a zip-a-dee-zip which works extremely well for us. And I know that you're only this small for a short amount of time, so for now I'm enjoying the extra time snuggling you.

You're a predictable napper, predictably horrible! You never nap for very long but you always wake up in a great mood so we're just going with it. We try to help you sleep longer but it rarely works.

We took our first mini vacation as a family to Asheville, NC this past month and we had so much fun!

We visited breweries, visited with friends, and ate lots of yummy food. You love meeting new people, so exploring a new town is super fun for you. We also spent some time just relaxing as a family, and it was on this trip that you really started to crawl. Must have been the wood floors - carpet had been holding you back!

Your sweet and funny personality continues to develop. You are definitely happiest around other people (particularly kids) and love to play with anything. One of your current favorite games is when I put a selection of toys in your laundry basket. You love to tilt the basket down and look around, make a selection, then tilt it down again and continue grabbing a toy one by one.

You are still very chatty, and if you're not jabbering away then you're blowing raspberries with your lips. Basically, you are always making a sound of some sort or smiling. Everyone who meets you can't believe how smiley you are - you're just a happy baby!

You are really starting to love books more and more. Your current favorite: Mollywitch Does Magic Tricks

You like to be read to half a dozen times and then you're usually ready to get moving. Sometimes books make you frustrated when you can't turn the pages, but you're getting better at learning how to handle frustration.

You still love to be outside.

You used to be content to just lay on a blanket and listen to birds and watch the sunshine in the leaves, but now you want to touch the grass and taste the blades. It keeps you occupied for LONG time!

I love to watch you exploring new things. 

It's hard to believe that it's even possible, but my love for you continues to grow each and every day. I can't wait to see what fun month 9 will bring!

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