Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dear Mason, A Reflection on 5 Months

Dear Mason,

Once again, I’m posting my letter to you a few days late and really, that will most likely become a trend because life with you is busy, busy, BUSY. This past month you have continued to grow and develop and it has been such a joy to see your personality start to shine through – you are a sweet, snuggly, funny baby who is pretty  much constantly smiling!


And if you’re not smiling, it’s because you have something in your mouth – whether it be your hand, a toy, a friend, or Mommy and Daddy!


But your fingers are the best!



Your hands are pretty much always covered in a coating of drool because you can’t keep your hands out of your mouth! Some days we think you might be teething….other days we think you might just really like the taste of your own finger. But whatever it is, you love it!

Towards the middle of the month, you also discovered a new love: your toes!


In fact, you’re just becoming more aware of your little roll-y body in general. You’re now rolling over from your back to your belly. Just a few days before your 5 month birthday, you started rolling over a lot! Diaper changes are going to be interesting.

You’ve also become more aware of your fur brother and sister. While Hazel doesn’t actually get close enough for you to touch, Max loves to take risks and is constantly coming over to give you kisses.

Mason Month 5 084

And you have started to reach out for him. He is super soft and fluffy, but we’ve already had to have discussions about the proper way to play with our pets. ‘Gentle’ is a pretty popular word right now. Gentle with Max and gentle with Mommy!

You have started attacking my face with kisses, and sometimes those kisses are a bit rough. You just get so excited! Even your toys have gotten hit by the kiss attacks, Raggedy Ann especially.

Mason Month 5 002

But that’s just a part of your happy personality. You are a tiny ham, and love being the center of attention.

You have also discovered a love for the exersaucer this month. You have always loved to stand – new friends always comment on how strong your legs are and you love having help to use them. So the exersaucer is the best.


However, nothing is more fun to you than being naked. You LOVE being naked.

You really come alive when we change your diaper, babbling away and giggling. And if your clothes come over during that diaper change, you would much rather us just leave them off. Which is fine with us because you are so soft and roll-y – it’s hard not to snuggle you up when you don’t have clothes on.


Your trifecta of happiness: Naked + Outside + Being with Mom & Dad. That is your absolute fave. You just love being outside!


Even with the summer heat, you would always rather be outside. So Mommy and Daddy bought you a little battery operated fan – that way you can stay outside for as long as you want!

We celebrated your first Father’s Day outside the womb, and we had a fun day showing Dad how special he is. Aunt Joan and Cousin Ella helped us make him a sweet gift:


and we treated him to a Food Truck Rodeo that afternoon.

Mason Month 5 035

Daddy loves Food Trucks, but even more, Daddy loves you!

Mason Month 5 029

Another big event this past month was introducing you to solid foods!


We had a feeling that you were ready to start trying new foods when we realized you were watching us eat! We started with oat cereal and you loved it! I ground up gluten free rolled oats and mixed it with a bit of breastmilk once it was cooked. You were skeptical at first:


but you warmed up quickly. You even started whining in between bites and opening your mouth really wide when you saw the spoon. We hope to try some baby led weaning with you, but for now you seem pretty happy with the spoon. You didn’t even thrust any of the cereal out of your mouth with your tongue – you gobbled it up!


Oh Mason, the past 5 months have seriously been the funnest ever! They definitely fly by a little too quickly, but we are so happy for every moment we get to spend with you.

Mason Month 5 137

You are our best buddy and we can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

Happy 5 Month Birthday Mason!


16 weeks, 20 weeks

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