Thursday, April 23, 2015

When All You Have Is A Sandwich

Man, what a month April has been!

I knew it would be crazy, what with celebrating my birthday at the beginning of the month and going back to work at the end of the month, but I didn’t anticipate the middle of the month feeling so harried. That’s life with a newborn I guess!

My hands are always full, in the best possible way.

482015 045

If you follow me on Instagram (glutenhatesme) then you already know that I went back to work this past Monday. The transition from Maternity Leave back to work wasn’t an easy one for me, but luckily I have the best of support on all fronts. It really does take a village to raise a child.

One of the benefits of going to back work has been feeling like my old self again – but in a new way. Being Mason’s Mom is definitely a new life for me, and I feel like a completely different person. But at the same time, I still care about things from my old life. My passions are still there, they’re just a bit muted now that I have this GREAT LOVE in my life.

482015 005

So I’m still trying to figure out balance. How can I take care of myself, my loved ones, and the world around me when my entire being is consumed by this grinning (and often drooling) baby boy?!

This past Sunday I wrote out a meal plan for the week AND made a grocery list. It felt so good to plan, BUT I never made it to the grocery store!! Baby steps in the right direction I guess. Hopefully this weekend I’ll actually make it to the store.

Since the groceries have been lacking, I’ve been living off of sandwiches. Quickly prepared and quickly eaten, often with just one hand.

482015 088

I’ve also had my fair share of spoons in the peanut butter jar. For the first time in a long time we have completely cleaned out our vegetable crisper and our cheese drawer. And I’ve never seen our freezer supplies so low! Seriously, I really need to make it to the store this weekend!

Until then, I’ll be eating sandwiches. Luckily I still have some of my Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free bread from my last Target run.

That rye bread is to die for!

I have some ice cream from that last Target trip too because…


But I need some fresh food in my life!

482015 046

House bound family needs help – send vegetables!