Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dear Mason – A Reflection on 3 Months

Happy 3 Month Birthday Mason Modesto!

4302015 078

Of all the weeks, these past 4 have seen the biggest changes yet.

Your favorite thing to do: TALK!

4302015 022

You are by the chattiest baby I have ever known. Mommy and Daddy still aren’t sure what you’re saying, but we mimic the sounds and you love it!

You especially love to tell stories when we change your diaper or when we’re playing on the floor. You lift and kick your legs with such determination, curl your lips, and let out a big Ahhhh-WOOOO. Sometimes you follow it up with a hu-yuck laugh – it is the cutest!

Also cute, your bulldog face:

4302015 050

This past month, you discovered that you actually control your hands and your tongue! You love to move your tongue around, blow bubbles, and give us the bulldog face. You’re pretty impressed by what you can do with your tongue, but you’re even more impressed by your hands.

At 2 months you were trying to suck on your hands – at 3 months you were trying to cram both of them in your mouth at the same time! Plus you’ve realized that you can now grab things with your hands. You don’t always snag the desired item on the first try, but you’re learning to try and try again.

4302015 047

You’ve also started rubbing your face when you get tired. It’s hard because you rub your eyes so much that you can’t fall asleep – which is frustrating – but also very cute. Mommy calls this a very serious case of the Mondays.

4302015 152 

But it’s no surprise that you’re getting so tuckered out because buddy, you are busy!

Tummy time is no longer hated. In fact, you love it!

4302015 086

You spend lots of time on your tummy these days,

4302015 033

watching Rainbow Star play some cool tunes and do it’s light show.

4302015 046

We’ve even started hanging out in your Bumbo Chair for small amounts of time, but your cloth diaper makes it a tight fit. Plus it’s extra hard work because you work on your neck and your core. So after a few minutes we switch to lap time -

4302015 136

and you love hanging out from this vantage point. The days of playing happily flat on your back are definitely numbered.

Milk is still your most favorite thing ever – which continues to be a good thing for your growing body. You drink lots and lots of milk during the day, and then sleep for 8-10 hours at night. Mommy and Daddy LOVE all the nighttime sleep, but it does mean that naps have become more spotty.

You’re not exactly sure where you would like to nap:

In Mommy and Daddy’s big bed:

4302015 067

or in your Rock and Play:

 4302015 059

in Daddy’s arms:

4302015 038

or sometimes just on the floor:

 4302015 037

If your sound machine is playing, and you have a paci and a blanket, you’re pretty willing to try anywhere. But getting you to take a nap longer than 30 minutes is a challenge.

Although we don’t really worry about the short duration all that much because Mason, you are a happy baby!

4302015 026 4302015 027

You met more new friends this past month:

4302015 140

photo credit: Ben Bipes 4302015 017 4302015 013

but Mommy and Daddy are still your favorite.

4302015 141

Photo Credit: Ben Bipes

You’re even starting to let us know that you recognize us by giving us direct eye contact and BIG smiles. When you look at us and smile, it’s the best feeling in the world.

4302015 146

We love you so much Mason – and we can’t wait to see what the next 4 weeks will bring!

4302015 132

12 weeks, 8weeks, 4 weeks – Mason Modesto Ravelli