Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dear Mason – A Reflection on Two Months

Dear Mason,

Happy Two Month Birthday buddy! Man, time flies when you’re having fun!

Mason Smiles

And that’s what hanging out with you is – FUN!

Shortly after your first month birthday, you started smiling and let me tell you – it was life changing!

At first you really made us work for them. Daddy and I would say and do anything to try to get you to smile.

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But then you just couldn’t stop smiling! Once you were 6 weeks old, if you weren’t eating or sleeping then you were most likely smiling.

iphone dump 32015 096

or talking!

Smiles are amazing but your baby babbles melt our heart!

When you finish drinking milk, me and Daddy take you to your room to play. We change your diaper and lay you flat so that you can kick your legs. You love to kick your legs! Sometimes we leave your diaper off for a while and let you play naked. That is definitely your favorite way to play because you happily jibber jabber the entire time!

Daddy and I talk back to you – we don’t know what we’re saying but you seem to love it. You also love when we sing songs to you.

Daddy is very good at making up different silly songs. Your current favorites are ‘What’s That Hiding In Your Cheeks’ and ‘Brontosaurus’.

Much like the first month of your life, milk is still your tip-top priority. Hanging with Mom and Dad is a close second, but milk is still the best ever.

iphone dump 32015 163

I treasure the little cat naps you take when your belly is full and you’re snuggled up with me. You are growing way too fast for Mommy, so I’ve learned to take it slow and just focus on our time together.

Your love for milk is continuing to help you grow big and strong. You have grown out of your 3 month outfits and now fit snugly in 6 month outfits. We just had to retire your Dino PJs (Mommy’s favorite!).

You’re still not a huge fan of tummy time but you tolerate it a bit longer than before. You still love bath time, although you’re only averaging about one per week.


You’re becoming more aware of the world around you, and it’s so much fun to discover the different things that catch your eye. You are currently obsessed with: lamps, ceiling fans, the top corner of your bedroom ceiling, your wall of books, and the pictures on the refrigerator.

You’ve also discovered sucking on your hands this past week. It’s a little confusing because you suck and suck and suck but no milk comes out! I see some potential thumb sucking in your future. You still aren’t crazy about a pacifier, but on a rare occasion you tolerate one for a few minutes, only to spit it out once you’ve fallen asleep.

Speaking of sleep – you are an amazing Magical Unicorn Baby Mason because you have been gifting Mommy and Daddy some long stretches of sleep at night!

iphone dump 32015 108

Starting around Week 6, you started sleeping for 5 hour stretches and now you average somewhere around 7 hours per night. Mommy doesn’t talk about it much for fear of jinxing it!

The extra sleep for Mom and Dad means more fun for you during the day! When we don’t feel like zombies, we love to take adventures with you outside of the house.

We took you to the first of many Food Truck Rodeos:

iphone dump 32015 062

You had a great time! I mean, what’s more fun than waking up to the smell of cheeseburgers?!

iphone dump 32015 065

You’ve also met some special friends in the past couple weeks:

iphone dump 32015 046 iphone dump 32015 069 iphone dump 32015 086 iphone dump 32015 119 iphone dump 32015 127

and while you didn’t stay awake for all of the introductions, you still let all your new friends snuggle you. You’re such a thoughtful baby!

Even with all the new experiences and friends, me and Dad are still your favorite.

iphone dump 32015 042

Which is fine with us because you’re our favorite too!

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