Monday, March 16, 2015

A Weekend Revisited and Italian Garlic Chicken

And we’re back! Finally.

Nearly two weeks ago my beloved laptop died – just up and quit, kaput, nada, nothing, broke as a joke, etc. It was terrible. My laptop wasn’t fancy or anything, in fact it was pretty old BUT it was mine and I loved it. Sigh.

Luckily Parrish found a refurbished laptop quickly – love that man – so the blog is back! At least I left you guys with my current favorite recipe; seriously, those carnitas are good and a pretty cute baby.

I can’t even begin to recap the past two weeks, so let’s start with this past Friday and another recipe that is certain to be a favorite….


especially when enjoyed with a side of Gilmore Girls!

A friend share this recipe for Italian Garlic Chicken Skillet on Facebook and I am so glad she did! It’s easy to make, flavorful, and it only dirties one pan! Perfection.

This Italian Garlic Chicken Skillet with olives, rosemary, onions, and mushrooms is the perfect dinner for the entire family. 30 minutes is all you need.

Photo and Recipe from The Wicked Noodle

I highly recommend trying this recipe y’all. It’s so easy to make gluten free; just make sure the Chicken Broth is safe. OR just use wine – which is what I did! I also used chicken breast instead of chicken thighs because it’s what I had on hand. Yum!

Saturday morning started bright and early for the Ravelli family, in fact it was a big day – Baby Mason had some very important family members to meet:


Bestie! No surprise, Mason loves bestie – she is a magical baby whisperer for sure. How do you know a newborn loves you? Well, if he spends over three hours completely sacked out snuggly sleeping on you -


then you have made a best friend for life!

Speaking of best friends, Mason also met his cousin Ella aka Lil’ Gluten Loves Me!


This was a pretty special moment for me actually. Ella is the first baby that completely stole my heart. I love that little one fiercely and see so much of myself in her, so seeing her excitement and glee when she held Mason was amazing.

Sunday we woke up to AWESOME weather in Durham. I’m really starting to believe that winter may actually end. We spent the afternoon outside -


enjoying the sunshine! Spring is the best!!


We even busted out the grill!


That’s how you really forget about winter, grilling! Parrish cooked steaks and veggies, simple and perfect. He also made a “snack” for while we waited for the steaks:


Grilled Crab Legs! Parrish and I first ate grilled crab legs on our honeymoon – they are so good. Served with a giant bowl of melted butter of course.

I am definitely looking forward to many more weekends just like this past one, filled with family, friends, sunshine, and good food!

Happy Monday friends!