Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dear Mason–A Reflection on One Month

Dear Mason,

Happy One Month Birthday my little Milky Bear!

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Your Daddy and I can hardly believe it’s been a month. In some ways, it feels like it’s been one long sleepless night, but mostly it feels like you’ve been a part of our lives forever. You are this amazing miracle we had locked inside of each other – I’m so so happy that you are here.

For such a little guy, you’ve accomplished quite a lot in only a month!

First, you were born! Some may not realize it, but you and I both know what hard work that was.

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Shortly after, you had your first taste of breastmilk, and it’s safe to say that you are hooked. Which has brought more changes for you because you are a growing boy! You regained your birth weight in less than 5 days. Mommy was finally happy that her colostrum came in months before you were born.

And you have outgrown all your Newborn Clothes and all your 0-3 month clothes. It’s a tiny bit sad because that means that you have outgrown your favorite outfits!

282015 iphone dump 154

You are officially in 3 month PJ’s….which is pretty much all you ever wear. For Mommy and Daddy, anytime of day could be time to sleep, and you sleep a lot!

Favorite places to sleep: on Mommy, on Daddy, and in your swing.

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Yep, PJ’s are the best. Plus your PJ’s have zippers – zippers are key for quick diaper changes which makes you pretty happy. You don’t love to have your diaper changed.

You’re not a big fan of tummy time either. Let’s not even discuss it.

2272015 250

It makes you super grumpy….moving on.

You do love to take a bath. Just two days ago we gave you a bath and you coo’ed while in the tub. It was adorable. You love having your hair washed – what little wisps you have.

2272015 029

We always make sure the towel is warm and waiting for you after the bath and you love it. You are always so calm and relaxed after your bath.

You also love to stare at your wall of books. This is a new development just in your third week. It’s pretty adorable. When you are feeling fussy about being stuck in one spot, I scoop you up and take you to your book wall. Works like a charm.

2272015 251

Another charm, your Daddy. You love your Daddy so much – we call him the Baby Whisperer. Sometimes you cry when you’re over-tired (It’s tough being a baby!) and all he has to do is talk to you to calm you down.

2272015 275

Oh yes Mason Modesto, you have us wrapped around your tiny fingers.

2272015 234

Your fur brother and fur sister are adjusting well to having you at home. Max stops to sniff you a dozen times a day,

2272015 047

282015 iphone dump 140

and Hazel loves your burp cloths.

You are our favorite person in the whole world. We love hanging out with you and telling you stories. You are spending more and more time wide awake during the day -

2272015 180

We can’t wait until you can smile and laugh with us. For now, you’re content to look us in the eyes, kick and punch your hands and feet, and hug anything I put in your hands.

2272015 310

You have a crazy strong grip.

A few days ago, we took you outside to play in your first big snow! We had a little over 6 inches of fresh snow fall…

2272015 296

But…you slept the entire time snuggled up inside my jacket.

2272015 305

My favorite time of day with you is your early morning feeding around 6am. You drink your milk quickly, and then you fall fast asleep on my chest.

2272015 080

It’s such a sweet special time, I am so blessed to be your Mommy.

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We love you Mason – more and more every day. Happy One Month to our sweet, strong, smart, special boy.

2272015 183