Monday, December 29, 2014

Gluten Free Cookie Priorities and Adventures in Nesting

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that the urge to “nest” and get everything ready for Baby Ravelli hadn’t fully kicked in for me yet. Honestly, up until a couple days ago, I was way more worried about making gluten free sugar cookie dough than decorating the nursery.

But who can blame me? Sugar Cookies are delicious!


I am still IN LOVE with the Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix from Cherrybrook Kitchen! They are so soft and chewy.

Before this past Saturday, the only thing I had really completed was setting up the crib….


and technically Parrish did that. Also, the baby won’t even sleep there for a while so I don’t know how prepared this actually made me. BUT it did give me a great place to toss clean laundry!

So this past Saturday Parrish and I motivated each other and completed a few more tasks. We went through all the AMAZING hand-me-downs we’ve received in the clothing department and cleaned, sorted, and stored it all. I’m talking EIGHT bins of clothing, so this was no easy task but a great one to complete.

Side note: I can’t share pictures of our nursery coming together without throwing out HUGE THANK YOUS. Parrish and I are CRAZY lucky to have the family and friends we have. We have been given so many hand-me-downs like our crib, glider, changing table, clothing, cloth diapers…..It’s honestly overwhelming how well we are loved, and a testament to the advantages of being the youngest children in both our families. I may have hated hand-me-downs growing up but as a grown up – they’re the best. Ever. We are so so blessed.

Back to tasks: We also finished hanging the Black Out Curtains and the decorative curtains in the nursery:


Still nothing on the walls yet…


but we discussed a plan for all our fun prints and pictures. Am I the only one who gets stressed about hanging pictures?!

I started my list for freezer meals and finished up the last of my Thank You Notes from my baby shower. I prepped our pre-fold cloth diapers and watched videos on different diaper folding techniques.

And….I spent 20 minutes stretching and folding our stash of reusable wipes from bestie


definitely a “nesting” moment!

Which is a good thing because here we are – 35 weeks and 5 days – and I’m realizing how arbitrary that due date is.

For months I was SO focused on that date: January 29th. But now I’m realizing that that date actually means nothing. Baby Ravelli doesn’t know what a due date is. He could come early; he could come late. He’s a baby!

So starting to nest is definitely a good thing. Now if we can just finish our Birth Plan and get our car seat installed, we’ll really be ready….or as ready as we can be!

Any favorite freezer meals I should try?


Jen said...

I was just going to ask that you share your freezer meal list, lol. I am expecting my first in May and need to gather recipes too.

I may do a couple chili or soups, then freeze flat in ziplock bags. We have a small freezer, so I will need to make sure whatever I make is space-conscious.

Jen said...

Oh, and I might throw together some baggies of pre-mixed muffin mixes, so I can just whip together some homemade muffins. Great to eat one-handed and on the go, and don't take up freezer space.