Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Reflection on My Second Trimester

And just like that, I’m 28 weeks pregnant!

While the first trimester of my pregnancy seemed soooooo SLOW, the second trimester definitely FLEW! As each week ticked by, I felt like I could barely blink before another week passed.

If you read my reflection on My First Trimester, then you already know that pregnancy has not been easy for me. Unfortunately, the second trimester didn’t offer much relief. BUT it hasn’t been all bad, so let’s recap these past few months before I forget!


I looked forward to my 12th week of pregnancy SO MUCH. Everything I had read – everyone I had spoken to had indicated to me that at the magical 12 week mark my nausea would disappear.


12 weeks came and went and I was still nauseous. In fact, I pretty much felt like puking everyday until 24 weeks. But now at 28 weeks, I am living in a cloud of bliss without all the gagging. And if I’m being honest… I have forgotten how bad it was….a little bit.

Although, this memory loss may have something to do with my newly found insomnia.

Between getting up to pee 2-3 times a night and waking up every time I need to roll over, I’m finding it harder and harder to fall back asleep. I cannot shut my brain off! Perfect example: I’m writing this post at 4:30 in the morning!

Another physical accomplishment of the second trimester: passing my glucose test!

iphone dump 10302014 227

I was a little bit nervous taking the test – eating can already be hard, I didn’t want to count sugars and carbs on top of gluten free.

But I guess the BIGGEST physical change has got to be the BABY BUMP!

25 weeks:

iphone dump 10302014 081

26 weeks:

26 weeks

27 weeks:

27 weeks

Hard to believe I started HERE:

july iphone dump 001

Which brings us to the next topic for reflection:


Who knew that growing a baby would be so emotional?!

Well….I guess everyone. Everyone knows that growing a baby is emotional. However, what I didn’t expect was how emotional I would be about gaining the weight.

While in the first trimester I spent all my time comparing myself to others, my second trimester consisted more of listening to stupid comments made by others. Literally in the EXACT SAME DAY I had one person tell me I was huge for my week mark and another person tell me I was tiny.

Here’s a good rule to follow when talking to a pregnant person: Say NOTHING about their belly. It’s not too big or too small and it definitely doesn’t need your comment. Because guess what, they know it’s there – you literally can’t get away from it.

Luckily, my midwife does a great job of keeping my baby bump growth in perspective. I am actually, as of week 28, measuring perfectly! For a few weeks, week 20-25, Baby Ravelli was measuring ahead. Over Achiever!

BUT if I were still measuring ahead of my week mark (note: I said AHEAD not TOO BIG) the baby’s health is the only thing that matters! Speaking of, let’s get to the big topic!


In the second trimester, we found out that Baby Ravelli is a BOY!

photo 1 (1)

Which was exciting to say the least.

He continues to grow and develop in to a healthy baby, measuring a bit over 2 pounds this week!

We’ve been busy busy busy getting his room ready with the essentials: crib, cloth diapers, and inspirational wall art. And we took a Birthing Class at Week 26.

Which by the way, further proved that everything is more fun with Parrish!

iphone dump 10302014 223

The class was informative, long, and at times a bit overwhelming…..but Parrish kept it as light as he could and filled me with positive (reassuring) energy at the end of the day.


I didn’t talk much about my personal fitness in my First Trimester Recap…mainly because after I ran that 8k race at 7 weeks, I pretty much avoided the gym all together. Luckily, the second trimester has seen much more physical activity!

photo 1 (4)

Weight Lifting, Running, Hiking, Walking – all good things that I’ve been able to reincorporate in to my routine on a much more scaled down version.

And even though I can’t push my limits in bootcamp right now, it does feel good to move. It helps me feel more like my old self!

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