Friday, October 24, 2014

The Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza–A Review

I have always been a sucker for Thursday night TV.

I am a HUGE fan of The Office, and I love Parks and Rec too. I used to look forward to Thursdays, and would even plan special meals to enjoy while watching my favorite shows. ( #totaldork )

This fall, I once again have Thursday nights to look forward to! Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder are my current obsession – lucky me that ABC lines them up together. And even luckier for me, Parrish had a work dinner last night, leaving me with the TV all to myself!

My special meal:


A new-to-me frozen delight!

I had seen the gluten free Freschetta pizza on Instagram, and was actually surprised when I saw it at my local Harris Teeter. Everyone I knew that had tried it had picked it up at Costco.

My first impression: Wow! It’s big!

My second impression: Holy crap! It’s EXPENSIVE!

At nearly $12, this pizza ain’t cheap!

Luckily, I was in that haze of hunger you get after a long day of work and threw the pizza in my basket without much further thought.

When I unwrapped the pizza at home, I was a little surprised by some bald spots:


It seemed that the sauce was a bit sparse, but I thought it might travel a bit once it cooked. The cheese to crust ratio was great, so if anything I knew I could dip it in a bit of pizza sauce like a breadstick if it still had bald spots after cooking.

I decided to just leave the pizza as is with just cheese, but I think this would be a great pie to customize at home!

The results after baking:


Not bad! It still had some bald spots with no sauce, but I dipped it in pizza sauce on the side.

The flavor was great – the crust was crispy – the cheese….




Just the way I like it Smile

Overall, this is a great gluten free option – especially for sharing.

Udi’s Gluten Free Pepperoni is still my favorite, and I think it’s the perfect size for 2 people. Served with a salad, you can call it a meal. Plus I LOVE their sauce and Nitrate Free Pepperonis.

The Freschetta can definitely be shared, and you’ll still have a few slices leftover for lunch the next day.

Way to go Freschetta!

Have you tried the Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza?

What was the price where you shop?