Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Reflection on My First Trimester

**I had reservations about posting this blog entry. Let me preface this post by saying that I am over the moon excited and thankful to be pregnant. I am fully aware of the miracle that God has blessed my family with, and I pray thanksgiving every day. With that said, I wanted to be honest about my first trimester and not sugar coat or gloss over the rough parts.**

Hard to believe that Baby Ravelli is already in the second trimester! Let’s recap the first trimester – hurry, before I forget!

Never in my life did I think that being pregnant could be this hard.

I guess I’ve just had some saintly pregnant women in my life, because I haven’t really heard much complaining. And I know that pregnancy is different for everyone, but I’d be lying if I told you that for me it’s been all rainbows and puppies.

My first trimester was tough.


I was sick for a straight month. All day. Non-stop nausea. Gagging. Dry Heaving. It was the worst. From week 6 through week 10 I was barely hanging on by a thread. Between feeling sick all day and dealing with the hormones, I honestly lost myself a little bit. I definitely didn’t feel like my old self, and while I was excited to be given the miracle of life, I spent just as much time praying to feel better as I did praying my thanks.

I definitely got depressed. I never realized how debilitating something like nausea can be. Parrish was such an amazing husband. So supportive – I couldn’t have made it through without him. And my co-worker Katie! I don’t know what I would have done without her.

And I haven’t even touched on the fatigue!

With all that said, it has been totally and completely worth it.

At the start of week 10, as I laid on the table in my midwive’s office and watched the ultrasound screen move from dark to light, it all became worth it. Who knew that a little baby blob – at that time the size of a strawberry – could already steal my heart.

july iphone dump 014

It doesn’t hurt that I got strep throat at week 9 and took anti-nausea pills for 4 days either. Is it sad that the best I felt in those 4 weeks was when I had strep throat?!

So yeah, physically the first 13 weeks were pretty hard.


Emotionally they weren’t exactly easy either. I’m not even a full fledged Mommy yet, and I’ve already found myself playing the comparison game.

Am I showing enough? Too much?

I scoured blogs to look at pregnancy week-by-week posts and compare bumps. And you know what? EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m coming off of a period of time where I was focused on my weight loss, or if I’m just worried about what others will think of me. Who knows. But two weeks ago I told myself that I had to let it go. My body is my body, and my pregnancy is unique to me. Life has been SO MUCH easier since that pep talk!

What I’m Eating

As I’m sure you can imagine, nausea doesn’t exactly spike your appetite. My first trimester was FULL of gluten free bagels and sandwiches:

july iphone dump 019

Avocado, Cabot Cheese, and Bacon

No eggs! Ugh. I can’t even smell eggs cooking! And forget about salad. I went from eating at least one, sometimes TWO salads a day, to gagging after two bites.

But I am still crazy for smoothies. Anything cold really is a real treat.

july iphone dump 111

My fave blend: one cup frozen strawberries, one cup frozen bananas, vanilla yogurt, vanilla almond milk, and 2 heaping handfuls of spinach. The best part is you don’t taste the spinach.

So at least I’ve been getting a tiny bit of green in my diet! Winking smile


Baby Ravelli is doing really well!

We had our first ultrasound at Week 9, and then were able to hear the heartbeat again at Week 11.

And then last week, at my cardiologist appointment, I got to have a second sneak peek! I went in for a routine-for-me cardio ultrasound and when the technician was finished she asked if I wanted to take a peek at the baby!

Heck yes!

I was so excited, and I couldn’t believe how much had changed in just 3 weeks! First, Baby Ravelli was bigger and completely looked like a baby. AND that little nugget was moving around! It looked like Baby Ravelli was in the middle of a kickboxing class, because it was punching it’s arms and swinging it’s legs. Adorable.

Also bigger: my uterus! I couldn’t believe how much bigger it was in the ultrasound. But it makes sense…

july iphone dump 001july iphone dump 017july iphone dump 028

photo (5)

Because Baby Ravelli is only the size of a large lemon. My uterus on the other hand, is the size of a large melon!

Coming up Next

August – We get to hear the heartbeat again!

September – Our BIG ultrasound! We get to find out the sex of Baby Ravelli!