Friday, May 23, 2014

Vermont or Bust!

Welp, that 4am wake up call wasn’t all that great….

but who cares! This Southern gal is on her way to Vermont!


I mean, I booked my own flight – so really I asked for it. But I prefer to be SUPER sleepy (or delirious) when I fly, so the earlier the better.

I can’t wait to spend the weekend with my Cabot Fit Team buddies and explore Burlington, Vermont! It’s my first time in Vermont – fingers crossed there isn’t too much rain.

And if you’re crossing your fingers, go ahead and keep them crossed for me on Sunday morning! That’s when I’ll be running the KeyBank City Marathon Relay Race, and I hope the hills don’t whoop me. I really tried to up my Hill Training y’all, but hills in Durham are pretty tame.

I’ll be posting on Facebook and Instagram all weekend long, and I hope you’ll join me there!

And if you know any gluten free goodies I need to try while in Burlington, share below!