Monday, May 12, 2014

On the Menu This Week

You can read more about how I started Meal Planning HERE.

Two weeks ago, I failed to make a meal plan and it was terrible! I had to work that weekend, and I just didn’t carve out the time to plan. That entire week was full of bad food choices and mini breakdowns at supper time. We may have eaten frozen Udi’s pizzas more than once.


So last week I took the time and made the meal plan, and you what? I basked in the glow of a week well planned. It also solidified how much I LOVE meal planning. It just makes EVERYTHING so much easier!

Parrish and I have some fun activities this week, so while our menu for the week isn’t typical, I do know what to expect!

Menu for Week of 5/12

Monday: Supper with friends at Geer Street Garden ( This will be the FOURTH meal there in the span of 5 days!!)

Tuesday: Chicken Tacos

Wednesday: Cheesy Quinoa Cakes

Thursday: Date Night at DPAC ( A dear friend gifted two theatre tickets to Parrish and I!)

Friday: Big Salad

There you have it! Easy enough week, and we grocery shopped yesterday, so we’re ready for the week!

Want more recipe inspiration? Read more Meal Planning Menus HERE.

What about you? What meals are you looking forward to this week?