Monday, May 19, 2014

Gluten Hates Me Meal Planning – Vol. 2

You can read more about how I started Meal Planning HERE.

This week’s meal plan was all about simplicity. I have a busy work week followed by a blogging trip this weekend, so the less time spent cooking the better!

Monday: Cheesy Chicken Ranch Burgers with Grilled Potatoes

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged this recipe yet! I have been making these burgers for YEARS and they are so yummy. I’m excited to share it with you this week!

Tuesday: Chipotle Cheat Chicken Burrito Bowls (Recipe HERE)

Parrish and I like to utilize the grill when we fire it up, so we’ll be grilling the chicken tonight alongside the burgers. That will make assembling these bowls on Tuesday night easy! Which is a good thing because I have a busy work day on the books.

Wednesday: Cheesy Quinoa Cakes (Recipe HERE)

photo 2 (3)

I know. I know. It’s a repeat from last week BUT Parrish requested these again. And honestly, they’re so easy to make – I couldn’t turn him down. I am going to change them up a bit this week though, and add in some bacon!

Thursday: Pizza and Salads (Last Post HERE)

photo 1

I fly out for my Cabot Trip in Vermont EARLY Friday morning, so I wanted Thursday night to be easy peasey. Plus I love an excuse to indulge in an Udi’s gluten free Pepperoni Pizza!

Speaking of my trip: I’m getting SO EXCITED!!!!!

First, I get to meet all the Cabot Fit Team Members! I LOVE all things fitness and health, but I also love food – so to get to meet other amazing women who feel the same way is sure to be super fun!

Second, I get to run a race in Vermont – which I’ve heard is pretty dreamy landscape wise. I’ll be running the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon and Relay Race on Sunday. I’m lucky because I get the very first leg of the Relay, so I’ll be cheering on my team mates while I cool down!

Third, I will most likely get to pet a cow….that makes my FAVORITE cheese in the world! If you follow Cabot Cheese on Instagram (@cabotcheese) , then you already know that they literally have the cutest cows ever.

I mean seriously, baby cows are the sweetest. I wish I could take one home with me! #babycowsforever

Fourth, I’m willing to bet I’ll also get to eat some of my FAVORITE cheese in the world! And really, any opportunity to eat cheese is a good one!