Thursday, April 24, 2014

Charlotte NC Blogger Meet Up

There’s something about running a race, that makes you want to run another one.

I totally get how some runners break the bank paying registration fees, because the feeling of running in a race is SO MUCH better (to me) than just hitting the sidewalk alone.

I’m faster during a race.

I push myself more and tell myself to quit less.

Don’t get me wrong. I still struggle mentally with running. I get about a quarter of a mile in and my mind goes STRAIGHT QUITTER on me. “This is hard. Why did you do this. Could you run off the course and back to your car without anyone noticing?” Seriously. These are all things I have thought during a race.

Luckily the threat of sheer embarrassment keeps me moving, because by the half to one mile mark I’m feeling strong and ready to keep going. 

april 2014 361

After my first race of the season – literally my post-runner’s glow hadn’t even worn off, I was searching for more races.

The state of NC has TONS of races. I have a race I’m running at the end of May with the Cabot Fit Team (squeal!!! I can’t wait!!) but I wanted a few more races to round out my year.

I thought about running the Merge Records 25K just because it sounded awesome! Music blaring at each station from Merge Artists and a huge party at the end. But a 25K really didn’t fit into my training program, so I talked Parrish in to volunteering!

april 2014 270

Volunteering at a race is also SUPER fun! The runners are so appreciative and the atmosphere is energetic. Plus how could I not have fun spending the day with my hubby?!

april 2014 272

We both look killer in fluorescent orange BTW.

I hope to add The Running of the Bulls 8K to my schedule, but it’s the weekend after my Cabot race, so I need to be sure my knee can handle it.

I did add a race this week that I’m SUPER EXCITED about – especially because I hope some of you will join me!

diva dash flyer

The Shape Diva Dash on June 21st!

I am running this race as a Shape Ambassador and couldn’t be more excited to attempt my very first Obstacle Run!

But seriously, how fun would it be to run the race together?! Gluten Free Warriors!

Any race with this many tutus is bound to be fun!

Cities page left

SHAPE Diva Dash logo HorizSo exactly What is the Diva Dash?

Forget barbed wire, fire pits and mud. It’s a women’s-only 5k course dotted with fun obstacles sure to challenge your agility, balance, strength and speed. Add in copious amounts of tutus, boas and bling, plus enthusiastic camaraderie, and you’ve got SHAPE Diva Dash.

  • Join the competitive wave at 9AM and battle for a top finish and prize. Or go at your own pace. There’s no pressure to finish fast, you can run, walk, jog or slog your way to the finish.
  • Tackle tough obstacles that challenge you or take the easy route. Different degrees of difficulty on some obstacles give you the chance to make the Dash as hard…or easy…as you want.
  • Sign up with your favorite ladies so you can be in the same starting wave. And don’t forget costumes! Tutus, boas, bling, and whatever other embellishments you can dream up are all the rage at the SHAPE Diva Dash.


If you live in NC, I would love to run the race with you on June 21st! And we will definitely need to reward ourselves with gluten free goodies afterwards. That’s really the best part, right?!

SHAPE was kind enough to offer any Gluten Hates Me reader a $10 OFF Coupon too as a part of my Ambassadorship! So register HERE and use the coupon code: AXMR

Don’t live in NC? No worries! The Gluten Hates Me coupon will work for races in Twin Cities, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, and New York Metro too!


And feel free to sign up with friends and share the coupon code. $10 off for everyone!

If you sign up for the Charlotte race please let me know! I’m going to plan a Blogger Meet Up for lunch that day – even if you can’t race I hope you’ll join me!