Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The BEST EVER Gluten Free Cupcake

Now, let’s talk about those cupcakes!

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One of the best parts of putting my life and experiences online through this blog, is that I get to meet and talk to tons of wonderful people – and that is how these cupcakes came about!

Two years ago, I received the sweetest email from a blog reader, asking if I would join her family for a Special Birthday Supper to surprise her daughter Thierry. I was over the moon excited to meet the Mabry family in person and said Yes! Of course.

That special supper:



sparked a great friendship, and I am so lucky that I was able to meet this very special family.

The Mabry’s story to gluten free is told HERE and HERE, and I highly suggest checking it out. It’s a story that is probably much like your own. It’s a story of determination, frustration, and finding the answers for yourself. It’s a path to health that so many of us with Celiac Disease know all too well.

While we ate supper that night, Bonnie and Thom described all the yummy desserts that their family enjoyed. I couldn’t believe the treats that they described – Boston Cream, yum! – especially because we all know that I’m a lazy baker.

So I’m sure you can imagine my absolute JOY when Bonnie sent me a message, letting me know that she had launched her own Gluten Free Baking Mix company: Pookey’s Sweet Life.

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Unlike other gluten free Baking Mixes, I had NO DOUBT that these would be delicious. So I brought the Classic Chocolate Cupcake Mix to the All Girls Weekend completely confident that they would be a hit!

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And they hit it out of the park!

Best gluten free cupcake I’ve ever had – EVER. Actually, everyone agreed. My entire family – who have had their fair share of gluten free cupcakes too – loved them!

My sister Susan, who isn’t even gluten free AND is quite a critic, loved them. We all had seconds.

The cake was so incredibly moist and fluffy. You would never know that they were gluten free. They were so good in fact, that most of us actually preferred it without the Sunbutter icing Bestie had whipped up.

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It was almost like a lava cake – that’s how moist they were!

I’m already planning my next order of Pookey’s Sweet Life Gluten Free Baking Mixes before my birthday. I’m thinking either the Caramel Cream or the French Vanilla Mix. If I get the French Vanilla, then I’m going to follow THESE DIRECTIONS for making Italian Crème Cupcakes!

Photo Source: Pookey’s Sweet Life


Congrats to the Mabry’s on the success of their Baking Mixes! You can find their mixes for sale HERE and follow Pookey’s on Facebook HERE for yummy gluten free recipes.

When you try them – email me – profess your love – AND send me a cupcake too!