Thursday, March 6, 2014

Strip Steak with a Blue Cheese Red Wine Glaze

Happy Thursday friends!

Once again, wintry weather has left me feeling a bit confused by what day it is. Today feels like a Tuesday…but tomorrow is Friday – so I can’t complain!

Lately I have had such an intense sweet tooth! I’m not sure what’s behind it – I’m blaming the cold temperatures – but it’s been a bit tough to curb the cravings. Smartie that I am, I don’t really keep any sweets at home. But at work – oh at work – there is Fair Trade chocolate everywhere!

Months ago I noticed a tea at Whole Foods that was chocolate-y but the price tag – $9.99 left me a bit sticker shy. But after this past weekend’s delicious cupcakes, I have found myself obsessed with chocolate. Non-Stop. Particularly in the evening after supper.

So I bit the bullet:

photo 5

and I am SO glad I did!

The Republic of Tea – Peppermint Chocolate

It smells like a York peppermint patty – the flavor is great – and the warmth from the hot tea is so comforting. It is leaving me perfectly satisfied after a long day and is just the little treat I need after supper.

In fact, I loved it so much….

photo 4

I bought two more flavors yesterday! I’ve heard there is a coconut too! 

The peppermint is still my favorite, but they’re all good. I like having the variety too – keeps it interesting.

Also keeping it interesting: my Valentine’s Day gift to Parrish!

I made him a small booklet where I planned out a specific Date Night for each month this year. The Date for March was Oysters at Blu Seafood here in Durham, and we chose last night to go!

photo 1

This handsome guy met me at Pure Barre after my class, and we walked over to Blu. I absolutely LOVE Blu. The chef and staff are incredibly knowledgeable about gluten free foods, so I never feel worried when I eat there.

Since it was a date, we started with cocktails. Parrish ordered a side-car and I ordered my current favorite:


A Pineapple Habanero Margarita! I am in LOVE with spicy margaritas! The best I’ve had is at G2B – their Thai Chili Margarita is divine. My second favorite is at The Little Dipper – their Pineapple Habanero Margarita is just the right amount of sweet and spicy. But the one at Blu was great too!

Parrish ordered himself 18 oysters aka Heaven for him, and I went with a Strip Steak with a Maytag Blue Cheese and Red Wine Glaze.

photo 3

Maytag Blue Cheese is one of the few gluten free blue cheeses, as it’s not made with a bread mold. This dish comes with mashed potatoes and green beans but I subbed in caramelized brussel sprouts for the potatoes.

photo 2

And I nearly licked my plate!

It was SO GOOD. Such a fun, mid-week treat!

What about you?

Are you fan of Blue Cheese?