Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pure Barre Durham and My Favorite Smoothie

WOW! I have had an AMAZING morning!
I woke up feeling refreshed after a solid 9 hours of sleep – yes NINE hours – and quickly rushed around to make it to the first opening class of the new Pure Barre Durham!
photo 1
Pure Barre Durham is located just off of Ninth Street in Durham, in the same area as the new Harris Teeter. So yes, it is literally one block away from my work – amazing! Myself and a couple of other ladies I work with decided to try the Opening Special at our location: $99 for 5 Weeks Unlimited.
So how was my first class?
First, everyone that works at the PB Durham is SO NICE! It was my first time trying Pure Barre and two of the instructors gave me some helpful tips before class started. If you’ve tried PB then you know all about “tucking” but I had no idea, so it really helped to have this shown to me before the class started.
Since it was the first class ever, the class was understandably full, but it wasn’t overcrowded. Honestly it was AWESOME to see so many women of so many different ages in the class! It was definitely diverse and NOT intimidating at all. I felt truly welcomed and excited to try my first class.
The class itself was amazing! AND tough….in a good way! My quads were burning. My glutes were burning. My abs were burning. And by the end, I couldn’t believe how many muscles (biceps, triceps, and more) that I had worked to exhaustion in just 55 minutes.
And with just 2 pound weights! And that tiny red ball….squeezed between my thighs!

I am fully aware that I will not be able to walk tomorrow. But I will hobble to my second class, it was that good!
I left feeling refreshed and relaxed – ready to take on my day!
And drain this smoothie:
photo 2
My current favorite mix: frozen strawberries and bananas with 2 scoops Biochem Vanilla Whey Protein, 1/2 cup Love Grown Super Chia Oats, and Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.
Hope you guys have a great Thursday!