Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Week of Gluten Free Meals

As I said yesterday, my meal plan may be a bit late this week, but for me, better late than never!

I know from my own experience that not having a plan does NOT work for me. I end up standing in the kitchen staring at the fridge feeling…frustrated and uninspired. I can’t come up with yummy supper ideas after a day of work and nine times out of ten, what I come up with in the final hour isn’t all that healthy.

Giant plate of french fries? Sure. Big bowl of popcorn? Why not. Ummmmmm no. That doesn’t work for me. In the moment it seems like the right idea but it doesn’t leave me feeling great and it definitely doesn’t feed my body.

So this week in the Gluten Hates Me House we’re enjoying:

Monday: Gluten Free Taco Cups

 tomatoes 049

Tuesday: On Your Own – Parrish and I enjoyed leftovers from Monday on our own schedule since I didn’t get home from Pure Barre until late.

Wednesday: Kale and Mushroom Ragout with Poached Eggs from Fitness Magazine

I am so excited about this recipe! Basically you sauté yummy mushrooms and kale with onion, garlic, and fresh thyme. Then you make wells in the sautéed mix and poach eggs in the pan. To eat, you simply dip crusty bread into the egg and then pull it through the mushroom mix. YUM!

Thursday: Gluten Free Kale and Quinoa Cakes


Tried and true recipe, and a direct request from Parrish this week.

Friday: Big Salad

Week to week, you’ll always see at least one big salad. I find that option to be the easiest way to make sure all the fresh veggies from our week of meals get used up!

I am addicted to Tessemae’s dressing right now. I have four different flavors in the fridge, so it makes having multiple salads interesting, since I’m enjoying a salad every day this week for lunch.

What about you?
What’s on the menu this week?