Friday, January 17, 2014

It’s ALL about the DRESSING

Happy Friday!!

I’m not dancing the TGIF dance over here – I have to work all weekend. But I’m off of work today and am making the most of it!

I’m starting the morning off with one of my favorite classes at my local YMCA: Intensity! Sort of like a mix between CrossFit and Circuit Training, it’s always different and always fun!

Plus Parrish usually gets to go with me. I love strength training with my hubby!

New Year 2014 iphone dump 156

After the class, I have a few recipes I’m hoping to try. One of which incorporates a new dressing I picked up at my local Whole Foods:

Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch Vinaigrette! I absolutely LOVE this dressing!

I’m participating in the New Year Shred with fellow blogger NHerShoes, and in addition to the daily workouts, a big part of the program is EATING CLEAN. While I do eat fairly clean, salad dressing was one area that I really needed to work on.

And yes, I know that making a homemade vinaigrette is fairly easy but I don’t often have the few minutes that it would take to whip one up….or the bandwidth in my brain to think up a yummy one. Am I the only one who finds homemade vinaigrettes a bit daunting? Yes? No? Anyway….

So Tessemae’s it is!

It’s Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and Sugar Free. It’s a Vegan Product and fits a Paleo Diet as well. And it’s ALL NATURAL! So no yucky chemicals or mono-this or high fructose that.

The recipe I’m trying today:


Crispy Ranch Chickpeas from Tessemae’s Blog. Recipe here. Don’t they look amazing?!

And for supper tonight, I’m revisiting an old Gluten Hates Me favorite:

jala chicken 008

Gluten Free Jalapeno Popper Chicken

Oh yeah. It’s SOOOOO good!

What about you?

New recipes this weekend?