Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crispy Panko Shrimp – Oven Baked and Gluten Free

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Wherever you are today, I hope you’re staying warm! We’re having record lows here in NC. Nothing wakes you up like walking your dogs in 8 degree weather with a negative wind chill!

This is the first week where I FINALLY feel like I’m back in my regular week to week schedule. I’m working a full week, there’s no holiday this week, and my workout schedule is back in full force!

Yep. I get to go to ZUMBA this week – in my new shoes!

New Year 2014 iphone dump 540

This is my THIRD pair of Nike Lunarglides and I love them! You may be thinking “Wow Marlow, you have crazy taste!” But in fact, the above shoes were the only Clearance shoes in my size. It’s funny though, I actually love them! I wasn’t so sure online but they’re super fun!

I have fallen arches, so I need a ton of support or I get shin splints like nobody’s business! Lunarglides are my favorite and then I use a Dr Scholls Active Series insert in the shoe. Shin Splints be gone!

I’m so excited to Zumba in them!

Also exciting:

New Year 2014 iphone dump 546

Crispy, Oven-Baked Gluten Free Panko Shrimp!

I followed THIS RECIPE from Veggies and Glitter and simply switched out the Panko with Gluten Free Kinnikinnick Panko. And since you bake them in the oven, I gave the battered shrimp a quick spritz of cooking spray before baking. This nominal amount of oil helps the panko crisp!

Parrish and I LOVED the shrimp! We ate them on tacos with lime onions, avocado, and Cabot cheese. Yum!!

And easy!

I hope you have a great day today