Friday, January 3, 2014

A Reflection on Awesomeness

Happy New Year!!

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I feel like such a grandma when I say it, but…. Can you guys believe it’s 2014?!

Time really flies, and while I usually love a new year, I’m actually sort of sad to see 2013 go.

If you’ve been reading this blog long, then you know that 2012 really sucked for the Ravelli Family. So when we went in to 2013, we really had the intention of having a better year, and man OH man, what an AWESOME year it was!


No way! Ummm….remember vertigo?!?!

But it was still so good!

Parrish and I were together since I finished my commuting in December of 2012.

I started a new job that I love. Parrish continued at a job he loves.

I discovered ZUMBA!

Parrish returned to playing soccer!

My sister Susan married a wonderful man.

My Mom lost over 50 pounds and counting!

MOH moved to Durham.

Parrish and I treasured the little things, like baseball games and trying new restaurants.

My nieces and nephews grew one year older and cuter by the minute.


miles' baptism 129

I discovered a passion for cross training.

I REALLY LIVED my life. There were so many other wonderful moments, thousands of small things, that made for one heck of a year!

When I reflect back on to 2013, I can really see a clear pattern, which led to the AMAZING-ness of that year. That pattern:

Doing more of what made us happy.

I embraced my hobbies. I planned my life around fitness. I sought out new experiences. I made my family a priority.

I pushed myself OUT of my comfort zone and realized just how rewarding that can be.

And slowly but surely, the year gained momentum, and my life really bloomed in 2013.

I’m still thinking about my New Year Resolutions for 2014, but I wanted to take a step back first. Look at the past year and reflect on what made it so awesome!

Happy Friday!!

Have you started your resolutions? Share!