Monday, November 4, 2013

You Tell Me – What Should I Bake

Happy Monday morning!

Are you suffering from Daylight Savings Ending? I know for folks with kids it can be a rough transition. For me, it has been AMAZING! I went to a super fun Post-Halloween party Saturday night, and my wake up call for Sunday morning work was EARLY. I treasured that extra hour!

Work was loooooong yesterday. 11:00 am until nearly 10:00pm, but it was really fun too! We transitioned our entire store over to holiday yesterday! Yes, Christmas is here for One World Market. The funnest part? Getting to do that transition with our amazing volunteers! I love the little family we have at the store, and it was so much fun to decorate with everyone.

I’ll take pictures soon to share with you all. It’s so cozy in the store now! Smile

Today, I’m off work (thank goodness) and I’m hoping to play around in the kitchen.

Over the weekend I headed to my favorite local bakery: DaisyCakes . Located in downtown Durham, they truly have THE BEST gluten free baked goods! I mean….LOOK at this biscuit!

And you guys know I love their cupcakes.

But now, they’ve created a new gluten free item that I can’t WAIT to try:

One for One Gluten Free Flour Mix!

So here’s my question for you guys: What should I make!?!