Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gluten Free Artisanal Cheese Straws

If you’ve been reading this blog long, then you know that I LOVE Christmas!

I love everything about the season, but I will say that around this time of year, being gluten free can be a bit….obvious.

Your co-worker makes Christmas cookies, or a neighbor hosts a Cookie Swap. Your friends throw a Christmas party and there is nothing you can eat. Pies, cookies, Phyllo Dough, Cake, Brownies, Gluten, Gluten, Gluten.

On the one hand, we’re lucky to be saved from those unplanned calories, but sometimes I’ve used that lack of group participation as an excuse to over indulge at home. And somedays, gosh darn it, you just want some holiday treats!

I’ve definitely spent some time remaking some holiday classics:

tarts words


chicken parm 035

Sugar Cookies

and now some local friends have helped recreate one that I had missed terribly: Cheese Straws!


AND not only did they make a DELICIOUS gluten free Cheese Straw, but they even made it a healthier version!

Five Points Baking Co is a venture right out of Raleigh, NC and I was SO EXCITED when they reached out to see if I would like to try their cheese straws!

Made with Almonds, these cheese straws are naturally low in carbs and HIGH IN FLAVOR!

Sharp Cheese with a Crumbly, Buttery Base and the tiniest hint of spice – each bite is pure heaven.

Available at my local Whole Foods, I can’t wait to give these as gifts to my gluten free family members and friends. These have definitely made the top of my Yummy Food List.

On their website, you can purchase the above straws OR you can purchase the mix to make your own straws at home!


Just add your own favorite cheese or butter – I see some Cabot Straws in my future!

And fellow North Carolinians: I LOVE this gift pack from their website too!


So stinkin’ cute! Dear Santa, ahem ^^^^^ add that to my list!

You can visit their online store HERE, try them – I know you’ll love them!

Happy Thursday!

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