Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Three Things I’m Loving

Last night I was watching a super cute FAQ video on a blog that I love, The Small Things Blog, it got me thinking.

There are tons of little things that I absolutely LOVE that make my life easier or happier that I would love to share with you all! I usually tell you about food and drinks, like this new-to-me cider:

from Angry Orchard, Cinnful Apple. SO YUM! It’s a bit sweet, so half a glass was the perfect amount for me, but I loved it! It had such an amazing cinnamon waft.

Another little thing I love – SCRATCH THAT – it’s no little thing. In fact, it’s changing my life!

Tresemme Dry Shampoo! I can go from this:


to this:


in about…28 minutes. Well, 28 minutes plus my beloved Curling Wand….and a killer Instagram filter!

But seriously. Before this dry shampoo, I had to wash my hair every day. I just have that kind of hair. It stinks! Now, I can extend that blow out and curl for two days! Love!

And, as an aside, I don’t know why I thought having shorter hair would be easier. Yes, it took a long time for my longer hair to dry. And yes, it did get really heavy. BUT short hair. EEESSH! It takes so much time. I can’t just let it air dry and go. I have to style it! Blech. Way to high maintenance for me!

Not high maintenance:

Immaculate Baking Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk cookies! Seriously. So good. So easy. And yes, super low maintenance.

Happy Tuesday!