Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Delicious Vegan EggNog Hot Chocolate

Is it just me, or do most special “Holiday” flavors and food items have gluten in them? Pumpkin Doughnuts, Gingerbread, even Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea – all full of gluten!

So imagine my excitement when I discovered Taza Chocolate’s new HOLIDAY FLAVORS: Gingerbread and Spiked Eggnog Fair Trade Chocolate!

I first discovered Taza a few years ago. Working in the Fair Trade industry, I ran across their yummy stone ground chocolate during a sales call. I was instantly in love! I typically just eat the bars straight.

I mean, when is the last time you had anything gingerbread flavored?! Back to the chocolate bars…

They’re delicious. Gluten Free and Soy Free and DAIRY FREE! Yup. And since they’re stone ground, they have an amazing gritty texture. Pretty much just like cookie dough.

I scooped up the Spiked Eggnog chocolate right away with every intention of just eating it straight. But then I saw a recipe on their website for hot chocolate using their bars….


afterlight (2)

Vegan Spiked Eggnog Hot Chocolate was born!

For one serving, start by heating one cup of almond milk over medium heat. Not worried about dairy? Use cows milk. I used Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk – love it!

While the milk is heating, chop one of the Taza Discs of chocolate. (One package contains two discs)

afterlight (1)

Once the milk is heated, add the chocolate shavings and pinch of salt, then whisk your heart out!

I used my frother from Ikea to whisk:

afterlight (4)

So easy and it gives the hot chocolate a nice foam.

Whisk the chocolate and milk until the chocolate has completely melted. Want foam? Keep whisking!

Then -


pour and enjoy!

afterlight (3)

I saved a pinch of the chocolate shavings to sprinkle on top Smile

This was such an amazing treat! I can’t wait to share this with my family for Christmas. I think I feel a new tradition!

afterlight (5)

It’s sweet. Safe. And child slavery free! What more could you want from a chocolate?!

Want to find Taza in your area? Buy it online here or check your local Whole Foods!

Happy Wednesday!

I have a super EARLY morning today, and all this talk about hot chocolate is making me CRAVE a pumpkin spiced latte from Daisy Cakes!!