Thursday, September 19, 2013

Updated Recipe: Gluten Free Chicken Crescents

Back in 2008….yep. 2008!! Man, I have been blogging for a long time!

Anyway, back in 2008, I found a recipe to make my own Gluten Free Croissant Dough of sorts. It wasn’t perfect, but it did the job. In fact, the only job that dough ever did, was in a recipe for Chicken Crescents:

Yeah….I wasn’t a very good photographer in 2008 either. But as you can see from the blurry picture, Chicken Crescents are a combination of delicious chicken, cream cheese, spinach, and garlic, stuffed inside a pastry shell. They are SO GOOD!

But as it turns out, after that attempt in 2008, I never made them again!

For me, making my own dough was a lot of work. Plus, I never have shortening in the house. So this recipe fell into the vaults.

Fast forward to this past weekend when what did I spot on the shelf at Target? Drumroll………..

Pillsbury’s NEW Gluten Free Pie & Pastry Dough!

As soon as I locked eyes with it… I thought, “Chicken Crescents!”

The dough itself was CRAZY EASY to use. Just a bit of kneading and it goes from crumbly to pliable. Rolling it out was a bit harder, but I had some Gluten Free All Purpose Flour on hand.

I made the Chicken Crescent filling, and ended up making about 6 filled products. Baked in the oven for 30 minutes and…



A delicious, flaky, buttery crust wrapped around warm, ooey gooey, creamy, cheesy, goodness.

Yep. It’s that good.


AND you can make the filling a day ahead of time, making prep time super fast!

To make the filling:

~ 2 cups of chopped, COOKED boneless, skinless chicken breast

~ 1 package frozen spinach, cooked in microwave

~ two packages cream cheese (or neufchatel)

~ 2-3 garlic cloves, minced

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. HINT: If you lay the warm spinach on top of the cream cheese in the mixing bowl, then it will heat the cheese and help you mix it easier! Be sure to mix well. It’s that easy!

After rolling out the dough, cut it into large sized squares. These will be your purses. Plop filling into the center of each purse and wrap around the filling. Be sure to pinch and squeeze any holes formed on the bottom of the purses. A few on the top will be okay, but if on the bottom, then the filling could seep out.

Then just follow the baking instructions on the tub of GF Pie & Pastry Dough!

Parrish and I both love to eat our Chicken Crescents with Cranberry Sauce. Sounds strange, but it’s totally delicious!

Happy Thursday!