Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Gluten Free Rut

It’s definitely easy to get in a rut with food. Especially for me, since I love a good routine.

Last night I was preparing supper, I wondered “ Am in a rut?”

I guess first I should say that I was preparing Hummus & Rice Fritters….


yep, a delicious new dish that I had last week for supper too!

Here’s the thing, this week is crazy busy. In fact, it’s so busy that I had to sit down and literally schedule in time for exercise. So making a recipe that I’m familiar with made supper easy this week.

And I didn’t feel in a rut when I sat down to the table and enjoyed these yummy fritters. They are delicious. I guess I feel like if I’m in a rut then I would feel bored?

But I am excited to try new things. So let’s hear it.

Do you have a favorite recipe I NEED to try?