Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NEW Gluten Free Products

This past Saturday, I attended my first ever COMPLETELY GLUTEN FREE event. The GFAF Wellness Expo took place in Durham, and I was so excited to go! While I don’t tend to eat a lot of cookies and cakes, I was still excited to be in an entire room where I could eat ANYTHING!

Some of my personal Gluten Free Favorites were there:

weekend 034

Local Durham Bakery: DaisyCakes

weekend 043

Best gluten free cupcakes HANDS DOWN! But if you’ve been reading this blog for long…then you already knew that!

weekend 044

Cheenies Brazilian Bread was at the event. I didn’t realize they were produced right here in Durham!

weekend 053

I LOVED their display of ideas for their little rolls! These would be positively adorable at any party or social event! You guys know how I feel about tiny foods! Love them!

weekend 055

Local Soup Connoisseurs Slim on Soup were at the event.

weekend 075

I LOVE their soups! I buy them at the South Durham Farmer’s Market, and love to take them for lunch.

Not for lunch but still delicious….

weekend 093

New Planet Beer was at the event! I tried to Amber Ale and absolutely loved it! I also loved seeing Rudi’s at the event!

weekend 096

Simple YET delicious gluten free quesadillas. I may or may not have had a few of these! It was my first time trying the Spinach Tortillas and I liked them.

There were also a few booths featuring brands that I had never even heard of before! Their products were fantastic, and I’m excited to share them with you!

Luce’s Gluten Free Artisan Bread – Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free

weekend 045

AND crazy good! Get this, all you add to the mix: WATER. That’s it!

weekend 048

And the result? LEGIT crusty bread! I don’t know how this works….or why it works….maybe it’s magic. Who cares. It’s DELICIOUS! Crusty on the outside, soft and doughy on the inside. I can’t wait to try making this at home!

weekend 052

Also delicious:

weekend 062

Moon Rabbit Foods Mixes. Made with Cassava Flour, I couldn’t believe how light and fluffy the yellow cake was!

weekend 063

Yum! Plus they’re local here to NC; love that!

Glutino certainly isn’t a new to me company, but I was excited to see a new product in person!

Yep, their new pancake mix that comes in a convenient shaker bottle.Perfect for travelling (camping!) or just a quick morning. First, I couldn’t believe it when I watched the pancake mix actually BUBBLE on the griddle! And the end result was a soft and fluffy pancake. Very impressed Glutino!

My favorite find of the event: Water Kefir from Grub in Wilmington, NC! And I can’t wait to share that with you tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday!