Friday, August 2, 2013

Naturally Gluten Free Sounds Good to Me

I’ve been hearing some whispers around the blogging community about being ready for Autumn. And yes, while I would love the humidity in NC to skee-daddle, I have to admit I LOVE summer.

I love going to the beach, the pool, the lake, the river….really any body of water outside. I’ll take it!

But even more than playing outside, I LOVE summer produce!

Nothing beats a fresh tomato, a vine grown zucchini, or a big bunch of basil.

PLUS it’s all naturally gluten free! Can’t beat that Smile

Whether you’re growing it yourself or picking it up at the Farmer’s Market, I thought I would share my favorite Summer Seasonal recipes to motivate all of us to enjoy summer while it’s here!

ella week 026

Baked Zucchini Fries

tomato strata fourth

Seasonal Tomato Strata

caprese salad long

Caprese Salad

summer squash fritters_2

Summer Squash Fritters

BLT Bites

This weekend I’m going to work on a Fried Green Tomato recipe for you guys. I’m going to be the Weekend Warrior at work this weekend, but hopefully I’ll have time Sunday afternoon.

I mean, everyone needs to enjoy at least ONE batch of fried green tomatoes this summer!

Happy Friday!

Parrish and I are off to Intensity at the Y! It’s bootcamp meets Crossfit…fingers crossed no one throws up! Winking smile