Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hump Day Blues and Gluten Free Pancakes

Oy. I had one heck of a day yesterday!

It was one of those days where it just starts to pile on.

I woke up later than I wanted. I didn’t have the energy (read motivation) to go to the gym, but I laced up and went anyway. 30 minutes in to my workout, I started feeling sick to my stomach. Not one to quit, I tried to keep pushing which made me feel worse.

My sick stomach led to negative thoughts. Negative thoughts spiraled with work stress. Even my pretty skirt couldn’t clear it up. (Which lets be honest, a cute skirt can really make or break a day!)

By lunch I was ready to just throw my hands up and go to bed! BUT here’s the thing, when you’re in charge…when you’re the manager of where you work….you can’t just…throw your hands up.


So I sucked it up. I faked it. And honestly, shortly after lunch, my gray clouds were thinning. I focused on positive thoughts, pointing out to myself all the great things in my life that I was overlooking earlier. I work with amazing people. We work for justice. For equality. We work with inspirational artisans.

I have a loving and supportive husband. Great friends; An even better family. I am TRULY BLESSED. I drank tons of water. I took deep breaths. So long gray clouds. Hello sunshine.

Maybe instead of going to the gym, I should have started my morning with some delicious gluten free pancakes. That could have turned things around fast!

Just as you guys predicted, I am now obsessed with Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix.


I picked up this single serve sample at the GFAF Wellness Expo, and I’m so glad I did! I wish I had realized years ago that Pamela’s contained almond. YUM!

The pancakes cook easily. The batter bubbles; it turns crisp and brown from cooking.


Pretty much what you would expect from pancakes. The end result is a fluffy, delicious gluten free stack of pancakes.


Moist. Fluffy. Tasty. Crisp on the outside. Not words you often get to use when describing a gluten free food!


Plus these babies have 4 grams of protein! Pair them with Greek Yogurt instead of syrup and you’d have a long lasting breakfast. I had to go with traditional syrup for my first taste test.


And seriously, when will I learn my lesson about writing blog posts before I eat breakfast?!

What about you?

Do you love Pamela’s? Have your own favorite gluten free pancake mix?