Monday, August 12, 2013

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Gluten Free

This past weekend, Parrish and I had the absolute joy of babysitting our niece and nephew for a few hours. I was really excited to drive over to Chapel Hill to see those two cuties. Partly because they are seriously some of the cutest, sweetest kids ever. Genuinely kind and positively hilarious. I love them

But I was also excited because I knew what stop Parrish and I could make on our way home…which happened to be right around lunch time…


Could you guess it just from the above picture?

Lots of Instagram and Facebook friends could!


Five Guys Burgers and Fries – oh yes. YUM!

This is the second time I’ve visited the Chapel Hill location of Five Guys, and they continue to impress me.

I ordered a cheese hotdog - no bun - and asked for a change of gloves. I love that I can see in the kitchen and watch the staff actually change their gloves!

I also love that it comes in it’s own little cross-contamination free boat:


And their hotdog…. well….


Don’t you dare try to tell me the fat and calories content. I don’t want to know! It’s so delicious.

PLUS, let’s not forget about the fries!


One of the few places were a gluten free foodie can eat FRIES! Their fryer is only used for fries. The oil is safe too. In fact, the ONLY two items at Five Guys that contain gluten are their buns and the malt vinegar offered at the condiment station.

Oh, and the fries couldn’t be more delicious!


The portion is…HUGE. So feel free to share with a friend..or two! Then again, you may want to savor each bite for yourself, and friend, I will not judge you there!

I LOVE Five Guys, and am so happy to have it as an option on days when I want to enjoy a treat!

Plus, they have SO MANY LOCATIONS, that it makes for a perfect stop on a road trip.

Now. If they could just start serving those AMAZING gluten free buns that Red Robin has…then I would be in absolute heaven!

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend! Any notable meals?