Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An Afterthought – Gluten in Everything

I am LOVING the discussion on the Gluten is 20ppm post! So many great opinions – I encourage you to read through the comments and leave your own! I’ll compile a summary on the issue later this week.

Yesterday’s post really got me thinking about all the food items I eat and what could or could not contain gluten. For example, my meals yesterday:


Breakfast: piece of Udi’s multigrain toast topped with avocado, egg, and Cabot cheese; giant glass of iced coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Snack: fruit smoothie with vanilla whey protein powder

Lunch: sliced turkey rolled around bits of Cabot cheese, carrots, hummus

Snack: strawberries

Supper: Post Zumba Veggie Bites with Greek Yogurt Ranch

So of everything I ate yesterday, there was the potential for 6…maybe 7 if I count Cabot cheese, ingestions of trace amounts of gluten. The toast, almond milk, protein powder, turkey, hummus, and veggie bites.

And that my friends is super frustrating. My meals yesterday don’t seem overly processed to me, but I can see where I could switch some things out. I had thought about challenging myself to a week or a month without gluten free substitutes, but gluten could be in so many other items as well.

I don’t really know what the solution is, or if there really even needs to be one, it’s just interesting to think about.

Happy Wednesday!