Monday, July 29, 2013

Welp, It’s Monday

Is there any sadder Monday than the Monday after vacation week?


I’m trying to move on….but darn it, I miss vacation week! Even though it was mostly a stay-cation, Parrish and I still had an amazing time!

The best idea we had, was making a list of things we wanted to do during our week. That way, we didn’t get sucked into doing typical things, like cleaning or watching TV. Plus we’re lucky that we live in the triangle of NC, because that means the beach is only 2 hours away!


I’m planning a separate Wilmington Gluten Free post because I found some amazing new-to-me places to eat! Look for that later in the week.

We also went to Jordan Lake twice, which was simply beautiful. Parrish and I are definitely water people, so being out on the lake is a perfect day. 

Especially since I FINALLY caught some fish!

I’ve been out on the lake a dozen times and had ZERO luck. Saturday I caught two! FINALLY. Success.

We also hit the batting cages one afternoon. I can’t remember the last time I swung a bat….


so naturally I was great at it. Winking smile

More than the activities, I loved spending a full week with Parrish. We’re getting close to anniversaries of tough times last year, and it felt good to just recharge with each other.

But now it’s Monday. And with that, it’s time to hit the gym for an early morning workout aka work off that vacation wine!

Happy Monday!