Friday, June 28, 2013

I will NOT get Glutened

This weekend, I am determined to NOT GET GLUTENED!


Last weekend I went to a local restaurant (The Nantucket Grill) and successfully got glutened from a Greek Salad.

Was it the dressing? The cheese? Cross-contamination?

Who knows. Either way, I was fully glutened and FULLY bloated:

Bloating is one of my least favorite side effects. That belly is HARD and PAINFUL, feeling like it could pop at any minute. Plus my bloating lasts about 2-3 days. Just the worst.

What has this taught me?

Spontaneity is not really possible for me when it comes to restaurants. Google searches, emails to managers, and conversations with wait staff MUST happen.

And you know what? That’s ok.

Because my only other option is taking a chance at getting sick, and there is NOTHING that tastes good enough to risk it! Nothing! Not even a mozzarella stick. Nope. And ESPECIALLY not a gosh darn salad! Booooooo.

Another lesson learned:

You guys are positively the best. The advice I received on Instagram and Facebook was awesome! Peppermint tea – great idea! Drinking lots of water? Check.

It’s also nice just to have such a sweet community of friends to commiserate with me. No one truly knows what “getting glutened” feels like except you guys. So thank you.

Now. I’m off to make lunch at home – most likely a salad, which may be a little bit boring and take some work, BUT at least I know I won’t get glutened!

Winking smile