Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gluten Free Raleigh – Kimbap Cafe

Last night I had a LIFE CHANGING meal.

Seriously friends.


Kimbap in Raleigh is a Korean-Inspired restaurant with a real focus on local, fresh foods. They literally had a list of like 10 farms on the wall that their offerings for the night came from, and the cool thing is that I actually recognized the names!

All of their meats come from local meat vendors that I know, love, and trust. I knew the meal was going to be special, but I had no idea it would be the best meal I’ve eaten in a LOOOOOONG time!

Parrish and I were having trouble choosing, so we decided to share a few different dishes. Our first course:

gluten free shrimp dumplings

Crispy, chewy, and full of flavor. I can’t event remember the last time I ate a nice crispy dumpling! And in a restaurant?! Probably never. Ugh. So good.

Our second course:

the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Ever. Ever. Seriously. Ever.

Toasted Seaweed rolls filled with pork belly, shiitake mushrooms, sweet red peppers, and cilantro.

I can’t even describe it. I’m not going to do it justice. Salted pork belly is delicious on its own. Throw in shiitake mushrooms deep in flavor and a hint of crisp, sweetness from the peppers. Man. So good.

Third course:

A flavorful broth with DELICIOUS bits of brisket, local greens, local egg, spongy rice cakes, and scallion.

So much flavor. So many textures. Honestly I was tempted to snatch Parrish’s spoon and eat it all myself.

The final course:

The perfect portion of a gluten free chocolate torte. Rich, sweet, dark, chocolatey. I know I’ve said it like 10 times already, but….


Over 75% of Kimbap’s menu is gluten free! The service was great; the food was incredible.

I CAN’T WAIT to eat there again!!

And honestly, I think you should plan a trip to Raleigh.

We can meet for lunch, go shopping, and then eat at Kimbap again for supper.

And maybe we’ll get some take out for the road!