Monday, May 13, 2013

Crazy for Zumba

I never thought I would be one of these people.

I never thought that I would plan my schedule around fitness classes. That I would give up a yummy home-cooked supper to exercise. That I would research shoes to help me work out better.

But friends, that is what Zumba has done to me!

I am positively obsessed with Zumba!

It is such an amazing workout! I don’t think I have sweat as much working out in a LONG time. And I’m not some amazing dancer, but it doesn’t matter! No one is looking around. Everyone is looking at our amazing instructor and concentrating their hardest!

I had actually gone down a pants size right before starting Zumba, but now I’m getting ready to go down again!

I had to buy new workout pants because my old pants kept sweating off my body! It’s hard to keep up when you’re yanking up your pants every 10 seconds.

And I never get bored. And I never give up! There is something about the length of time you’re dancing, combined with the changing of moves, that keeps you moving even though you’re exhausted.

The calories burned are pretty motivating too…..

I’m so happy that my co-worker Katie and great friend Elizabeth got me started! I was so intimidated to Zumba before, and I hate that it kept me from this workout for so long! I love it!

Plus, we’re lucky here in Durham to have the BEST Zumba teacher ever – Lu! Her smile lights up the entire room! She has so much energy, and makes you feel like you’re doing a great job….even if you’re the most uncoordinated person in the group.

Zumba gives me so much energy. It keeps me motivated during the week to be more active, and gives me an AMAZING happiness after glow.

So yeah, I’m one of those people now.

I am CRAZY for Zumba. I wish I could do it everyday. I wish the class lasted longer than an hour. I find myself dancing at home in the kitchen while I cook.  I love it!

What about you?

Have you ever Zumba’d? Love it or Hate it?