Thursday, April 4, 2013

Perspective from Strangers

I feel like I’ve been in a CLOUD of negativity this week.

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I wish I could blame it on my allergies turned sinus and double ear infection, but in my heart I know that this negativity isn’t because of my health. Unfortunately it’s just IN ADDITION to that.

What’s causing the CLOUD? Who knows. Really. I don’t know. I can speculate that maybe it’s my looming BIG birthday. Now only 4 days away. Or it could be my lack of exercise this week due to my declining health.

I guess the cause doesn’t really matter. I can’t pin point it. Instead, I am determined to shake it off. And friends, God is ready for me to shake it off too!

Last night I was at Target waiting for my prescription. Due to an error at my doctor’s office, I ended up sitting and waiting for two hours. Typically I would be happy to spend two hours in Target. But not yesterday.

So I’m sitting on this bench and I can feel the cloud. I was feeling terrible, and was literally throwing myself a pity party. Then a woman just started talking to me.

She told me how her one year old daughter has the flu, and multiple pharmacies were out of the medicine she needs. She had driven around town only to wait for hours and get turned away. She had to miss work, and she lives pay check to pay check. She was frustrated and tired, but once she told me this, she started telling me funny stories about her daughter. Her face lit up and she started laughing as she relayed her daughter’s latest triumph. She wasn’t going to let her day get her down.

And it hit me. Perspective.


It is so easy to become completely self-involved. (Ummm…hello! I write a personal blog!) I could have sat on that bench and been selfish; I could have only thought about myself.

But God continues to open my heart AND my eyes. This world is FULL of other people. And there are WAY WORSE situations than double ear infections plaguing millions of people.


So take that negative CLOUD. Get outta here. Because today I choose to see the world for others. I choose to live my life to spread love, not negativity.

Today is a new day!

And I’m starting it out with an amazing bowl of Bakery of Main Gluten Free Oatmeal.

How are you starting your day?