Monday, March 25, 2013

Easy Gluten Free Hollandaise

Man. What a FUN weekend!

Saturday’s Girls Day to find my sister Susan a wedding dress was a success! Group USA at Concord Mills is the best! They let you look through dresses yourself, and you can all go in the dressing room to help the bride. No sales attendant needed!

The day ended with a big family supper and a late night dance party!

If you’ve never turned up the tunes and had a dance party with your nieces, I highly recommend it. You will go down in history as the funnest aunt/uncle ever…with the best funniest dance moves.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling a bit frazzled. Not as much as other overnight guests…


but a still very bleary eyed.

I was still hobbling around due to soreness from Friday’s Butt Buster Nike Training Club. Seriously. Today is Day 3 post Butt Buster and I am STILL SORE!

But even with the crazy bed head, sore legs, and overall weariness from shopping, bestie and I managed to pull ourselves together and make an amazing breakfast!

photo (2)

Complete with hollandaise!! (Which my iPhone auto corrects into holland aisle – nice try auto correct)

When bestie said hollandaise, I immediately thought of Jill over at Hey, That Tastes Good. One quick google search, and I found the recipe that she used HERE – Easy Blender Hollandaise from Simply Recipes.

What an easy-to-follow recipe! And tasty too… Well, it starts with melted butter…

photo (4)

so how could it be bad?

But I’ll confess that I was skeptical. How could butter, egg yolks, and lemon just blend together and make a delicious sauce?

photo (3)

I don’t know. But they do.

Creamy, rich, buttery, lemony. What’s not to love?

Pour it over an over-easy egg and a gluten free english muffin, and top it with fresh scallion…

photo (2)

and you’ll be head over heels!

Happy Monday!

We are having a SUPER dreary morning here in Durham.

I’m ready for Spring!!