Friday, February 8, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes

Man oh Man! Life changes quickly.

It’s crazy, but this time last year, this exact day, I was breaking the news to you guys about quitting my job, commuting to Wilmington every week, and finishing my degree.

AND I declared my love for all of you.

love you

I was exhausted last night, and honestly feeling a little bit overwhelmed. So I started going back through old posts to give myself a dose of perspective.

And that was when I realized just how far I have come in just a year. Life may seem hard at times, but in an only a year I’m already through what back then seemed….

impossible. life ending. sad.

It’s over. And I did it. I made it over the hump and onto the other side, where I get to work at a dreamy job with my degree off the back burner and hanging on the wall.


And this weekend, what can be….

black beans 144

is The BEST Gluten Free Black Bean Burger!

black beans 146

Recipe HERE!


I hope you guys have a great weekend!