Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away or Stay


rainy day

Weather here in NC was down right crummy yesterday! Rain, Rain, Rain. Constant. Downpours. Like the kind of rain where I walk in to work and the bottom 8 inches of my pants are soaking wet!

I know that rain is not a bad thing. April showers, May flowers and all that jazz. BUT all darn day?! No thank you.

AND as the above picture shows – I actually fixed my hair yesterday! I mean washed. dried. and curled with my curling wand! What a waste.

Luckily I had a salad version of last night’s Crispy Chicken Tacos to cheer me up for lunch!

birthday 013

Although…cold salads on dreary days aren’t always the best, but this really hit the spot yesterday!

Especially since Monday’s lunch consisted of turkey rolled around cheese and an apple. Not exactly the best lunch. I mean it tasted great, but I was hungry an hour later. Which of course makes perfect sense… I packed a snack for lunch!

Ah lunch. Why does it give me so much trouble? I mean…I eat 365 lunches a year. You’d think that would be enough to get the hang of it!

Maybe I need to experiment with making my lunch the night before! least go back to packing an entourage!

What about you?

Are you loving your lunches or are they leaving you wanting more?