Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gluten Free Breakfast of Champions

I love getting a little sneaky day off during the week!

Since the non-profit I work for only has two and a half paid staff, we often work WAY over what anyone would expect us to. Luckily, our Board allows for a few comp days here and there, and yesterday I took one of those comp days.

Parrish had a quick trip up to New York planned, so I was on my own. No worries though, my breakfast kept me company.

I shared this picture with you all yesterday:

gluten free breakfast

but it ended up being such a BOSS breakfast, that I though I should go in to detail!

Oh wait, don’t forget..

gluten free breakfast 2

there we go. Don’t forget the over-easy egg!

The above breakfast was a toasted piece of Three Bakers bread, Chobani 0% plain Greek, fresh avocado, grape tomatoes, scallions, Applegate Farms baked bacon, and an over-easy egg.

Not only was this breakfast tasty, but it must have been the perfect balance of fat, carbs, and protein, because it kept me full until nearly 1pm!

Even a great bowl of oats can’t keep me full that long!

It also gave me the energy I needed to DUST! Omigoodness. I wish there was some trick to dusting. Because seriously you guys. With two furry pups, dusting at my house is nearly an extreme sport!

Happy Thursday!

Do you have a gluten free breakfast that keeps you full for hours?